Why Hisparadise Therapy Is The Best Therapy Solution In Nigeria

Why Hisparadise Therapy Is The Best Therapy Solution In Nigeria

Hisparadise is a #1 Relationship coaching service for all young-adults and couples who are facing challenges in their relationships and life Get expert relationship Therapy. Articles and advice, healthy relationship tips, mental health articles at Hisparadise. We started Hisparadise Therapy in 2017 to help people overcome their relationship challenges successfully.

Hisparadise Therapy’s Mission

Hisparadise Therapy empowers the careers of independent coaching professionals. Everything we do is in service of giving you the same advantages (or better) as a world-famous coach who has their own tech, business, marketing, sales and customer service team.

What a Relationship Coach does

A relationship coach’s job is to get a deep understanding of a client’s relationship issue, then provide actionable steps and guidance to improve the client’s relationship.

A relationship coach isn’t a therapist. Therapy is focused on mental health and a client’s inner state, while relationship coaching is more externally focused.

A relationship coach is an empathetic listener but does not always agree with the client and tell the client nice things that the client wants to hear. A relationship coach is a helpful professional, not the client’s personal friend.

Relationship Coach is a unique job

Relationship coaching involves talking on the phone or texting in a chatroom to help clients around the world navigate their relationships with their boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, kids, friends, family, and coworkers.

Managing your stress is also a challenge when you’re coaching a client who is feeling intense emotional pain. We teach techniques for providing empathetic coaching while also maintaining a level of detachment from the client’s emotions.

It’s fulfilling to help people

We all deeply value our relationships. When we have relationship issues, we really want to fix them, but we often don’t know how. Relationship Hero is the most popular service that provides 1-on-1 coaching focused on building & maintaining healthy relationships.

Our clients appreciate how coaching has improved their lives. Here are the latest reviews and videos from our clients talking about how Relationship Hero has helped them.

It’s a rewarding feeling to wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night knowing that you’re making a difference to improve people’s lives. And as the days, weeks, and months pass, you can observe how your clients’ lives improve from the impact of your coaching.

You’re joining a great team

If you’re passionate about relationship coaching, it’s a rare treat to be able to work with a team of hundreds of professional relationship coaches. Each coach contributes their own insight to our company.

We’re easy to make friends and connections with. The same qualities that our clients value in their coaches — their empathy, low ego, non-judgmental style, helpfulness, their great listening ability — also makes for great teammates.

Since we know that working remotely can be isolating, we have regular calls and video chats to keep everyone feeling connected.

You’re joining a fast-growing startup

Hisparadise Therapy is a startup from Delta State, Nigeria. A startup is a company that starts small and then grows rapidly to serve many millions of customers. Ukeme Johnny popularly known as Johnnywriter founded Hisparadise Therapy since 2017.

Why Hisparadise Therapy Is The Best Therapy Solution In Nigeria

Our company values


When you have an idea for something that could help the company, we’d like you to speak up and lead the initiative, and we’ll empower you with the time and resources to do it.


Candor means honesty together with openness. It means you never have to say polite BS to us, you can be open and honest. No one has a big ego here. You can criticize any manager and point out any problems, even to the CEO. They may or may not agree with everything you say, but they will always value that you are speaking up with candor.


Our mission is to help our clients improve their relationships. It’s what guides the principles of our coaching and our business. We also value being helpful to one another within our team; for example, we provide internal support sessions to coaches (actually we pay you to do them).


We don’t have an office building anywhere. Everyone is equally part of the company no matter where they work from.


Everyone’s success here is judged equally according to their business impact and our company values, no nepotism.

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