We Love Each Other A lot And Our Families Agree; We Still Can’t Be Together

This started a few years back. Anambra guy residing in Port Harcourt on January 10th 2020, sent a hi message through fb to a Enugu girl residing in Asaba.

She was not into fb much at that time. So she didn’t notice his message. The next day she too said hi and they started chatting with each other, knowing each other. He proposed to her one fine day. She is a kind of girl who didn’t believe in love  on FB without seeing!

So, she directly said come and talk to my parents, if they say yes let’s get married. He was even ready to come and talk but his condition was first she should say yes for his proposal. She felt he is serious, but without meeting? So she said let’s meet first and then decide.

After 3 months, finally they decided to meet. It was 19th of March 2020, they met. And she fell for him. That magical moment when she just flew away with him. They decided to inform parents and get married.

They informed parents, they were okay with it. But here comes the twist. She had an elder sister for whom her parents were searching for a guy for marriage. They decided to get married after her elder sister. Everyone was okay with it.

They used to meet once in a month and celebrate monthly friendship anniversary, love anniversary, go out and enjoy. Every time the guy would come to meet her, as she was not allowed to go because of her parents. They shared very cute time with themselves.

Due to distance, parents and other issues, fights used to happen now and then. But love was never less. They used to feel for each other in spite of not meeting often. If she would be angry, upset, hurt he used to come to know without even she telling him and the girl also used to understand all his feelings. It went on. They were a perfect couple by looks, feelings. Only distance and not getting married was the issue.

Finally, her sister’s marriage got fixed. Then hero and heroine’s engagement also got done. But due to family issues like families thinking not matching. Due to this, the fight went to the level that the girl got frustrated and abused the guy. The guy also was no less in this, he also abused the girl and the guy started avoiding her. She started feeling very lonely.

Nothing was working out about marriage, the stress made her break down. She would cry daily. The matter went to the parents and her parents decided to break this relationship.

But the girl loved him a lot. She had realized that she shouldn’t have spoken in anger. She tried saying sorry and tried to patch up, but he was not ready. The girl really loved him. They had spent time together and had loads of memories, dreams together.

The girl also knew he loved her a lot. But he had blocked her from all the sources. She was trying hard, crying daily. She was ready to change, do whatever was required to make this relationship work.

Now, the girl is confused about how to make things work? Her parents are not against this relationship. She is just waiting for him to say yes so that she can make things work between families. She is left with only few days as her parent’s will start searching for a guy for her. Now she will be left with no option other than saying yes to them as they too have supported her when she needed the support.

Please help.

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