Warning Flags You Have An Irresponsible Boyfriend.

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I know this really caught your attention and you are wondering if you do have a boyfriend who is irresponsible.


If you have a boyfriend you always seem to catch lying, that’s a sign he’s a crappy boyfriend. When he’s never honest about his life at all, it’s time you stop taking it and tell him it’s over.

That’s just the right thing to do for you.

My boyfriend of 3 years became so irresponsible and when I tell him about this he says he'll change and then does nothing about it. I don't know what to do anymore.


When you’re with a guy who is controlling and doesn’t want you to do anything without being under his watchful eye, it’s likely he can’t trust himself. This shows he’s insecure and doesn’t like you hanging out with your friends.

This points to the cold hard fact he’s crappy for you.


When you are with a guy who insists you are loving, attentive and sweet to him and he doesn’t return the favor, he’s a creep.


“I love you” is something your boyfriend should be telling you if you’ve been together for any length of time. Keep in mind he shouldn’t be saying this to you after date number two. If he is, that’s an issue.

But if you’ve been together for a few months and he still hasn’t told you he loves you, give your head a shake because he’s a bad boyfriend.


If your boyfriend doesn’t have the balls to stand up for you when someone else disrespects you, then he’s not the man you deserve. Even if it’s one of his friends who says something inappropriate, he should have the decency to put him in his place.

That’s just the right thing to do.


You’ve got a bad apple when he always treats you like he doesn’t need you, but you need him. This is another example of total disrespect, and you should never stand for it. Healthy relationships are all about balance and loving respect.


When your boyfriend has extreme jealousy over you, he is showing you he can’t trust you. Yes, a small amount of jealousy is healthy, but when you cross that line, it can be downright dangerous.

If he continuously accuses you of cheating with any man you go near, that’s a solid indicator you don’t need that jerk. You deserve to be trusted.


In a true loving relationship, he should treat you as his top priority. You shouldn’t feel like an option at all. This means he needs to first consider your wants, needs and desires and to do his best to fulfill them. Thinking about you should be a 24/7 thing for him.


You’ve got a crappy boyfriend if he’s all lovey-dovey when you are alone behind closed doors but acts uncaring when he’s with his family or friends.

Chances are he’s buttering you up for one purpose only, and that’s to get you into the sack for some fun. Yes, sex is important in a healthy relationship, but it’s not everything. You deserve to have a guy who always shows you he loves and cares about you, regardless of the setting.


When your man seems to never be able to make any quality time for you, that’s a strong indicator he’s a jerk. If he’s full of excuses all the time and can’t figure out a way to find some time to spend with you, then you need to say bye and move on.


This is the worst! If your man can’t ever tell you he’s sorry, and if he never accepts responsibility for his life screw-ups, he’s not good boyfriend material.

Worse yet, if he always points the finger and puts the blame on everyone else but himself, then he’s definitely not the man you should want to be with on any level.


I had a boyfriend like this. I made an effort to make sure I was always there when he needed me, but when it came to my needs, he just didn’t bother.

That’s the definition of a crappy selfish man. I remember getting ready to head off to university and needed help packing the truck up and unloading it. He stayed over and slept in while I loaded the truck, took it to school and unloaded it. The jerk came up later in MY new sports car, conveniently just after I was done. Worse yet, I let him get away with it!

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Kick him out of your life now!


If you are with a man who always has to have it his way, never letting you get what you want, he’s a crappy boyfriend. A solid relationship is all about working together to make certain decisions together. It’s gotta be a mutual thing you work at together.

Don’t let him get away with it.


There is no excuse for hitting a woman. If your man has threatened you or hit you when he was mad, you need to end it right now.

If he’s hit you once, he’s going to do it again, no matter how much he apologizes afterwards. This is a dangerous situation you need to get yourself out of before it escalates into something worse.


A couple should want to claim their turf in public and show affection. Holding hands is one of the sweetest ways to connect and let the people around you know you are together. If you have a boyfriend who doesn’t want to have any physical contact with you in public, you need to take this as a sign he’s a crappy boyfriend.

He should want to hold your hand and let the world know he cherishes you.


You have a terrible boyfriend if he won’t let you talk to him about something he did that hurt you. If he shuts you up when you want to talk about how you are feeling, he’s not the guy for you.


This one is just plain disrespectful. If your man isn’t afraid to flirt with other girls in front of you and message them back and forth on his phone, you need to take the signal and split. This is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

You deserve respect, and he isn’t giving you any.


If your boyfriend is very secretive and you know very little about him because of this, that’s not a good sign. Chances are he hiding something from you because he knows if you knew, it just wouldn’t fly.

Get out of this fast before you are in too deep.


If your partner is so controlling that he tries to pick who your friends are, you need to accept the fact you are dating a creep. Nobody has the right to choose who you hang out with, especially a shitty boyfriend.


You have a jerk for a boyfriend if he does whatever the bleep he wants but won’t let you do anything without him or at least without his approval. That’s a dangerous man that you need out of your life.

So there you go.

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