Total Regrets: Episode one – A Dark Beginning

“My mom and I got pregnant for our own blood unknowingly” I never knew that my ex-fiance was my blood brother,who later became my step-father, and my mom didn’t know that she re-married her lost son and even got pregnant for him. “I also got pregnant for him- due to our first blindfolded love we had in the past”.

“‘Episode 1

The cold wind of the night and the freezing Hammattan left happiness worried over what will become of her. Now that her husband has passed away.Ā  Staring at their only daughter, who was busy chatting with her friends online, she wondered how the only daughter will grow up without a father- especially in time of her marriage.

A single parent home is not very welcome, especially when you have a female child. Happiness had several sleepless nights, despite the fact that they were extremely rich, because her late husband was a well to do young man with so many companies under his care. Her only child was therefore born with a Silver spoon,even as her dad passed away, she didn’t feel that much. Because she wasn’t closed to her dad, and didn’t have that father- daughter relationship.

Few days after the funeral, she went back to her social media lifestyle, but felt a little sympathy for her mom, who was depressed and still didn’t move on emotionally. Her mom still blame herself over the death of her husband. She recalled vividly, that faithful day she confronted her late husband to embark on the journey,that led to his death.

Report had it that, he suffocated a poisonous gas in his car while traveling. Happiness couldn’t hold back her tears, while trying to figure out,who could have a hand in the death of her husband.

The morning sun rose, and Mrs Happiness rushed to her late husband office, to complete some leftover projects šŸ¬ before the board meeting kickoff. Back at home Lisa prepared some breakfast,for Mrs Happiness only daughter ,who was still on bed, but busy chatting and making a long video call, with her new online crush. Her lazy lifestyle, made Lisa the housemaid wonder, what on earth will become of her, if such a young girl gets married with a dubious, lazy– lifestyle.

Feel with burning anger inside of her and ashamed of what kind of life, a girl like that could have, she went into her room without knocking. With a flash, she got up from bed and dive towards Lisa, landing her a resounding slap.

Lisa whom was thrice her age, begged and apologize for coming in without knocking, yet the young girl laid curses and shove her out from her room. For 15 years, Lisa has worked for them with no errors for one day. Never in her while working life did Mrs Happiness, raised a finger on her talk more of to slap.

She felt embarrassed and left in tears, retired to the kitchen and cried and at the same time felt pains within her, as a young girl could raise her hands on her, whom is old enough to be her grandmother.

The madam came back from worked, and heard about the incident that took place, she broke down in tears, and immediately the memories of her late husband flashed in her head, and she could hear his voices, ringing through her mind. She wept furiously and got ill.

For 3 days, Mrs Happiness was indoors,got up from her tears looked at the mirror besides her, and told herself, “it’s time to get her a new father”.

Lisa still didn’tĀ  recover from the shocked of the slap, she received from Mrs Happiness daughter.
She made up her mind to quit, but took pity on Mrs Happiness, especially now that her husband is late,she really needs someone besides her always. It was already 11:50 pm, and Someone screamed out loud, Lisa was terrified thinking it was Mrs Happiness, but as she opened the door of her room, o! My God – she fainted.

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