These Destinations In Turkey Are Excellent For Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacation represents a time when you should leave all your worries behind. It is a time reserved for peace and relaxation, preferably somewhere far away. Turkey represents a faraway country that is vastly different from your everyday life. It is filled with places that you can only see in history books and on popular social media. But, it is a real place that you should visit during your summer vacation.

No matter if you want just to relax or go on an adventure, Turkey has everything covered. In fact, there are so many choices for a nice vacation here that you need to stop and think. By reading about different destinations, you are making sure that this vacation in Turkey goes smoothly. You can not visit every single place in Turkey, unfortunately, but you can start somewhere.

Relaxing destinations

Turkey is a host to many different destinations, so let’s start with the relaxing ones. Turkey has a lot of beaches along its Mediterranean coastline. You can find picturesque turquoise waters in Kekova and its small peaceful cities. The best way to get around in this beautiful area is by boat in the early hours. That way, you can avoid the crowds and not only see the beauty but also feel the peace. If you want a relaxing stay on the beach, there is no better place than this in Turkey.

If you are more interested in finding peace on the land, there are plenty of other options in Turkey. Ihlara Vadisi represents a true land of peace where time has stopped. You will feel as if you are meditating alongside thousands of other generations that came through this place. Yenice forests represent a beautiful mountain region in Turkey filled with nature. This place represents a great escape from urban places or places filled with other people.

Popular destinations are popular for very good reasons; there is a lot to uncover there. The most popular destination would be, without a doubt, Istanbul. It is one of the biggest multicultural cities out there, with a lot to see. Besides its rich history, it has a very rich present due to many cultures colliding here. From Hagia Sophia to Topkapi palace, there are a lot of cultural monuments here. Besides the past, you can also enjoy some Turkish ice cream or massage.

Bursa is another popular city in Turkey with a lot of cultural heritage and vast markets. Turkey is known for its bazaars, but imagine a bazaar in a port city. If you are looking for a more metropolitan city in Turkey, Izmir is the place for you. Due to a fire that occurred in the 20th century, a lot of the city had to be rebuilt. This is the reason why Izmir looks more modern compared to other cities; it was overhauled.

Historical destinations

Turkey is home to a lot of cultural heritage sites, from ancient times to the present day. A lot of ancient civilizations walked on these lands and left a lot of traces that are still standing. You can find many of these traces in museums, but there are some things you can not put in a museum. Entire cities are still out there, in ruins, but still standing in these vast lands. Ephesus is one of the best-kept old cities from the ancient Roman empire in Turkey.

Troy would be the most well-known ancient city that has ever existed. Thought to be just a myth for centuries, Troy is still standing in Turkey, ready for a visit. Aphrodisias is another beautiful ancient Greek city that you can visit in Turkey. Traces of the Ottoman empire are best kept in Istanbul, with its many mosques and palaces. No matter which timeline you want to see, you can find them all in Turkey.

These destinations were selected on the premise of showing you all the different places in Turkey. There are so many more places here; these were just the main representatives of these categories. You can find so much more by reading more about this beautiful country and its rich history. Everyone can find something here; the important thing is to know what you want to find in Turkey.

Every journey and vacation depends on your desires and wishes. You should know what you enjoy and what you like before embarking on a journey. By having this filter, you are ensuring a dream summer vacation in Turkey. It is important to have this filter in life in order to avoid someone else putting their filter in your life.

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