The 5 Reasons Why A Girl Ignores Your Calls

The 5 Reasons Why A Girl Ignores Your Calls

It can be pretty annoying when a girl, be it a friend or girlfriend, doesn’t take your calls and never returns your calls. You call her to share some important thing or for some work, and she just never picks your calls. And within few minutes of your call, she texts you asking, ’Hey, did you call, I was busy.’ These are plain excuses. It can be a genuine case of being busy, only sometimes. If any girl in your life has been ignoring your calls for quite some time now, maybe the reason is something that may not have crossed your mind. Let us tell you why some girls just ignore calls and do not mind chatting. No, it is not her laziness, it is you. Here are 5 reasons why a girl ignores your calls

She just thinks there are better things to do than take your call

This is one of the biggest reasons why she doesn’t take your call. She just does not feel the need to. She thinks whatever you are calling for, it may not be too important and she would rather do something else

She thinks you are boring

Another reason why a girl ignores your call more often is because she does not think you are interesting. Your talks bore her and she literally runs away from your calls every time your name flashes on her mobile screen.

She knows you won’t hang up too soon

So you love going on and on with random things about your life. But have you ever thought, that maybe she hates it? If you have had hours of conversation with a girl and the same girl just doesn’t receive your calls, you now know why.

ignoring calls

She thinks you might ask her out again

So you have asked out this girl before, more than once. And you still are wondering why she wouldn’t take your calls? You are giving her vibes that you won’t give up. She is tired of rejecting you and does not wish to have the same conversations over and over again. This can be one reason why she ignores your calls.

She is not interested in you at all

The last and the most obvious reason is she is not interested in you, your friendship or in any kind of romantic relationship. You should have realized this on your own by now, but since you did not, here it is. She isn’t interested in you and you need to quit calling her so many times because it won’t work.

These are the 5 solid reasons why girls ignore calls. If you were wondering all this time why a certain girl has not been responding to your calls, you now know why.

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