What To Do When Your Girlfriend Has No Respect For You has to do with the ability to earn respect as a man

Why Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Respect You Enough

Before you know some signs of your girlfriend doesn’t respect you enough. You must check the reason first. Let’s check these out. READ THIS17 Signs Your Boyfriend Does not Respect You

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Has No Respect For You
Why your girlfriend doesn’t respect you enough

1. Do Not Show Off

You are a rich man, but you should not show off yours to her. Your behavior in showing off really makes her doesn’t respect you. Indeed, showing your wealth or skill doesn’t make you great. Your girlfriend is very uncomfortable with what you are doing now.

2. You Are Not A Firm Person

A man must be brave and firm in making decisions because all men are actually leaders. But the fact is, it turns out you don’t have it in. Every time you make decisions you always hesitate. This can make your girlfriend no longer respect you enough.

3. You Are Less Of Knowledge

Chat between you and your girlfriend can be very interesting if you have enough knowledge. But, if you just talk about this as always, she will be bored. Please, dig something new of knowledge.

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4. Your Smell Is Disgusting

Try to buy deodorants to deal with your smell (body odor).  Please, to take good care of yourself, how will your girlfriend respect you enough? Hey, your girlfriend does not like your smell. 

5. Has A High Temper

Can you control your temper? If you always maintain your high temper, there will be no woman who will respect you. Try to be more patient and control your temper. This is for the good of your relationship and her.

6. You Are Not A Friendly Guy

You are the coolest handsome guy that ever she knew. But unfortunately, there is one thing that you’re lacking. You are not friendly with others. Your attitude is too stiff, and you think that other people are bad, even if it is a child. Try to be a little friendlier and give your smile.

7. You Are Too Aggressive

You like a girl and you are eager to win her heart. You try all the ways to get the heart of your idol girl. You can approach her, but don’t be too aggressive. That is the right way that you can win her heart.

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8. Talking Nonsense

You are a man who likes to talking nonsense. So, it is no wonder your girlfriend is hands down with you. Please, stop. You see, now your girlfriend is getting away from you.

9. You Like To Breaking Promises

You like to break your own promises. If you can’t do it, please say it honestly to your girlfriend. Don’t make your girlfriend wait. Waiting without certainty is a thing that really makes her bored.

10. You Demand Too Much

As her boyfriend, you can demand, but remember not to go too far. If you are demanding too much and managing her time, it will make your girlfriend further away from you. She doesn’t care about you anymore. 

Signs Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Respect You Enough

The following below here is some sign of your girlfriend does not respect you enough. Please, read it carefully, guys.

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Has No Respect For You

1. She Is Rarely Responding To You

Unlike usual, she does not respond to your text that you send her. It looks like some of these days she rarely responds to you. What’s wrong with her?

2. Make Lots Of Reasons

You want to meet her, but unfortunately, she is always busy all the time. You try too many times but the answer is always the same. She makes lots of reasons not to see you. 

3. Never Ask

If a girl never asked anything about your activities, this indicates that she doesn’t respect you anymore. So, what is the reason?

4. The First Time She Became A Different Person

This is the first time you see her getting very angry. She becomes a hard-headed person. You are so confused about her, why she is very different.

5. There Is No Jealousy

She’s always jealous when you were approached by another girl. However, now when you were approached by another girl, she is looking at someone else. She finds someone that better than you.

6. She No Longer Needs You

She doesn’t seem to need help from you anymore. There is another man who cares more about her. He is patient and loved your girlfriend. 

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7. She Is No Longer Interested In The Things You Like

When you take your girlfriend to play bowling, she refuses. In here she clearly stated that she was no longer interested in these things. Now, she is more interested in other things. 

How To Make Your Girlfriend Back To Respect You Again

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Has No Respect For You

Getting a woman back to respect you is a little hard. You must promise to change your bad habit. You have to make sure your girlfriend is here. how to make your girlfriend back to respect you again? So, let’s check this out

1. Immediately Make An Apology

If you do something wrong, immediately make an apology to her. Face your girlfriend, gaze in her eyes, and listen to all of her emotions. Please, be quiet and just listen to her, okay.

2. Regret Your Fault

Please, regret all of your faults. Listen to her words, make them all to your motivation to change. If you really love her, you will never let her go, right?

3. Let The Situation Be Down

Please wait, maybe it is a hard time for her. She does not respect you enough, now. Let this hard situation be down. You can check her tomorrow. 

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4. Tell How Much You Love Her

Say by looking at her eyes that you really love her. You really need her. Say it honestly, when her anger is down.

5. Give Her Time To Think

Give her time for herself. In this way, she can think clearly. Which decision did she take? May she give you good news.

6. Try To Checking Her

You can check her by sending text messages. Try to send messages first to her. Will be your message answer by her?

7. Never Repeat The Same Mistake

If she forgives you, then never to repeat the same mistake. Shows to her that you can be her dream prince for her. 

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8. Do Promise That You Make

A promise is a debt. If you promise to make her happy, then do it. This proves that your love is real, it is not fake.

Hopefully, some of the above signs your girlfriend doesn’t respect you enough will be useful for you. There are some reasons you did that make her doesn’t respect you enough. So, do not ever do it again or your girlfriend will let you go. So, please be nice to her.

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There are 20 Healthy Ways to Make Your Husband Respect You. Every wife deserves to be treated with respect by their husband. Respect is an important quality in a marriage that is a good foundation for the couple’s relationship.

However, do you feel like your husband is not respecting you enough? Are you hoping that he will learn to treat you like a lady? What if your husband feels the same way towards you? Maybe he also feels disrespected, that is why he is struggling to respect you as well.

If you want your husband to respect you more, maybe you should try assessing how you treat him. Do you respect him enough? Are you treating him as a wife should treat her husband? As they say, respect begets respect. So, to make your husband respect you, why not improve how you show him respect first? – Johnnywriter

Johnnywriter quotes

Check out these steps on how you can make your husband respect you:

20 Healthy Ways to Make Your Husband Respect You

1.Do Not Interrupt Him When Talking.

One way to show respect to your husband is by allowing him to talk without being cut off. Just like how you would feel irritated whenever someone interrupts you while talking, your hubby feels the same way too. Therefore, let him finish what he is saying first before you respond.

2.Pay Attention Whenever He Talks To You.

Aside from not interacting with him while talking, your husband will feel respected if you give him your full attention whenever you talk. So, keep your phone, turn off the television, or turn your back on the computer while you are in a conversation.

3.Avoid Aggressively Criticizing Him.

Your husband is only human, so he is surely flawed. However, instead of criticizing him straight to his face whenever you are disappointed with him, talk to him level-headedly. Point out his mistakes without insulting him. Open up about your concern in a calm manner, letting him know the effects of his wrong moves, and try suggesting how he can improve his ways.

4.Do Not Compare Him To Others.

It is not only disrespectful but also offensive to be compared to others. Therefore, avoid comparing your husband to other men. You have to accept that he is different from them, and he has his own strengths.

5.Talk Positively About Him In Front Of Your Kids.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to train your children to be upright individuals. One of the traits that you need to instill in them is being respectful to others, especially their parents. So, no matter how imperfect their father is, teach them to respect him. You can start doing this by praising him in front of the kids.

6.Praise Him In Front Of Other People.

Another sign that you respect your husband is by boosting his morale around other people. Do not embarrass him in front of others by revealing his bad traits. Instead, appreciate him before them.

7.Do Not Shout At Him.

You feel disrespected whenever he shouts at you, right? Well, he feels the same too. For this reason, avoid yelling at him no matter how angry you are at him, especially if there are people around.

8.Avoid Nagging Him.

Wives are generalized to be naggers. Although this is not true for every wife, many husbands complain of having nagging partners. If you want your husband to respect you, stop being a nagger first.

9.Do Not Fight With Him In Front Of The Kids.

Misunderstandings are normal between husbands and wives. However, it is not healthy to fight in front of your children. Aside from its negative impact on your kids, it will be harder for you and your husband to respect each other because of guilt.

10.Stop Badmouthing Him To Your Friends.

Your husband is your other half. Meaning, if you keep badmouthing him to other people, it is like dissing yourself too. Moreover, once your husband finds out about it, he will surely be disappointed, and getting his respect will be impossible.

11.Handle His Things With Care.

If you want your husband to value your stuff, you need to treat his things the same way. Be careful not to ruin, break, misplace, or stain any of his items.

12.Give Him Space In The House.

Just like how you need to have your personal space at home, your husband wants that too. So, allow him to set up his workshop or office in the house. He will surely be grateful to you.

13.Let Him Make The Final Decisions.

Biblically, husbands are set to be the heads of their families. Meaning they should be the leaders. It does not mean that you are an inferior part of the family, though. On the contrary, you are actually equal but only with different roles—and his includes sealing the decisions made in the family.

14.Do Not Contradict Him In Front Of Others, Especially Your Children.

Aside from not fighting with your husband in front of the kids and other people, it is also important that you appear solid before them. Never disagree with him in front of others. Contradicting him when other people are around will embarrass him. He may also lose the respect of others.

15.Fulfill His Needs In Bed.

As a wife, it is your responsibility to fulfill the sexual needs of your husband and vice versa. Therefore, do not turn him down whenever he initiates physical intimacy unless, of course, there is a legit reason like you are sick.

16.Take Care Of Yourself.

No matter how busy you are taking care of your family, never take yourself for granted. Instead, pamper yourself like you would if you were still single. Keeping yourself beautiful despite being a busy mom and wife will help keep the respect of your husband. It is because you can show him how strong and empowered you are.

17.Respect His Parents And Siblings.

Your husband will surely respect you if he sees how you value his family. Your in-laws may not be perfect, but they are important to your partner. So, for that reason alone, you should also treat them well.

18.Listen To His Advice.

Your husband will feel respected if you seek his advice whenever you have a problem. What is more, he will feel good about himself if he finds out that his advice helps you. As a result, he would want to return the favor by listening to you next time.

19.Consult Him Before Making Plans.

If you want your husband to consider you before making personal decisions, you should also include him in yours. Open up to him about your plans before finalizing your decisions. He will be encouraged to do the same.

20.Encourage Him To Lead The Family Spiritually.

As mentioned above, your husband is meant to be the head of the family. To help him step up to the role of being a spiritual leader, encourage him to lead you and the kids in prayers and Bible sharing. Knowing that you are supportive of him will make your husband grateful to you.

Initiate Respect

Do not let your pride convince you that your husband needs to respect you first before you can respect him. In any relationship, the humbler person is the one who loves more.

Initiating love and respect will not diminish your value as a woman. Instead, it reveals how strong you are as a person. If your husband sees your effort to be a better wife, he will surely be motivated to be a better husband to you.

Do This And He Will Always Choose You Over Other Women without having to do too much, a man crave for one thing in his life and I’m about to tell you this one thing

Sometimes you start thinking if you are the only woman in his life, despite all your efforts in showing him how much you love him you still have this feelings but there are certain things that if you do your man will always choose you over other women and you will have more confident. The most important thing you can do to make a man happy is about creating a friendly environment for him in terms of peace of mind. Here is how to give a man peace of mind and he will choose you over other girls.

Do you still believe in love? Are you in love and wondering if your partner loves you or not? When someone truly loves you, caring for you will be their top priority, respecting you will be there, appreciation and gratitude will be there, there will be no cheating and lying in the relationship nor pretense.

Before we highlight what to do in order for him to choose you over other women let’s take time to understand what it means to love someone and how to know if he loves you or not so that you will not end up wasting time with this wrong person


When someone loves you their top priority will be you, they’ll do anything for your happiness and safety. Love come with surprises but when someone truly love you they will stay with you and prove their love in good moments and bad times.
A man truly in love with a lady will make her a priority. When you two are together, he will focus on you and give you all of his attention instead of pressing his phone and chatting. His focus will be on you.


When someone truly love you, they’ll treat you differently in a good ways, they have seen something special about you which others can’t see, they won’t like to mess it up, do you know that until someone start seeing how special you are they will never value you? but when they do, that’s when they’ll start valuing you and treating you well. Nobody treats what they don’t value well. If your partner is not treating you specially, there’s big chance they don’t value you that much and you need to do something about it immediately. Read this 6 ways to Let Go of Someone Who Treats You Badly


I told one of my clients that came for counseling that the major factor in a relationship is respect, if they don’t respect you, you need to let them go. When someone is deeply in love with you respecting you will come naturally, they’ll never disrespect you, abuse you or raise their hands on you. They’ll place you high with strong respect you deserve. Respect is important in a relationship, who doesn’t respect you may not have deep feelings for you. Read this How To End A Relationship In 8 Respectful Steps


We only support those we love so if doesn’t support you it means they don’t love you. Love is giving and there is no other explanation better than this. He or she will support you in good or bad times, base on experience when someone truly loves you, they’ll never run away when things getting unbearable in the relationship, your problems will become their problems, your goals will become their goals, your happiness will become their top priority in life.

When someone loves you they’ll do anything possible to support you in everything, when someone supporting you in bad situations and circumstances, they can do anything for you, sometimes they truly care and love the person, in bad moments a fake lover will surely abandon you.

Do This And He Will Always Choose You Over Other Women


They’ll give you peace rather than frustration, peace of mind matters a lot in a relationship, some people are bad of problems that yield frustration in their partner life, yes challenges must occurred in a relationship but some people keep creating the problems, someone who truly loves you will care about your happiness, peace and quiet time. When someone avoid to cause problems for you, when can die for you.


They will change their bad habits for you, nobody will change for good unless they decided to change their ways, non matter how you love someone your love cannot make them change unless they decided to change, people only change because they want to change.


Their actions will match with their words and their words will match with their actions, remember actions speak louder than words. Easiest way to know who truly loves you, watch their actions / attitudes towards you if match what they’re telling you.

Now that we know what it takes to love someone and how to know if your man/woman loves you deeply, do you still want to know how to make him choose you over other women? Is He worth it? Does He deserve it? If He does then here is what to do to make him choose you over other women.


Give your Man peace of mind and he’ll love you more. One thing men want in a relationship especially marriage is  peace of mind, many girls are full of troubles and frustrations, nagging and accusations.

A man want peace, and he can do anything to have it. Men don’t joke with peace. It’s the reason so many men keep late at nights or running away from their marriages.

Some close early at work but would spend extra hours at bar, club, hotel wherever than go home. Why? She is choking and nagging him! She make marriage unbearable for him. She overloads his mind and he needs some space! He wants to exhale! Take a break! Anywhere, wherever, just breathe.
If you don’t know how to give a man peace, you will choke him without knowing and send him out of your life.

Read this Secrets to Making Your Man Happy, Emotionally and Sexually, in a Relationship

Stop overreacting to everything in life, sometimes close your mouth and control yourself. Nobody is perfect, stop messing things up and expecting peace in the family. Stop being annoying and control yourself no matter the situation, that moment you use arguing and fighting use it to create beautiful memories between you and your lover.

No Man want a nagging woman who can’t controls their month and emotion: you can read my book titled “Enslaved to my emotions” this book will expose you to a lot of ways on how to control your emotions , learn to overlook some things that may lead to bigger problems in your relationship

Start doing the right things at the right moments, don’t hold back in doing the right things at the right moments, true love comes with surprises, you have to be understanding and learn to appreciate whatever your partner offers you whether big or small.

Sacrifice anything necessary that will make your relationship to work out. If you truly love your man, smile more, forgive your partner, remember nobody is perfect, we all makes mistakes in life, in a relationship if apologizing will get your relationship working again, cut your pride and apologize.

Try and contribute in making your relationship work and last forever, giving your partner peace of mind and loving your partner will create room for true friendship and love. Remember Relationship is 50/50.

You can always drop a comment or tell us if you are experiencing this in your relationship and how you were able to make him choose you over other women.

You can always contact Johnnywriter for relationship counseling and life coach here


Knowing how to become the prize with women, with yourself, and in your own life seems like quite the undertaking.  But all of these are related.  In fact, if you learn how to become the prize in your own eyes, then women and friends will naturally follow suit.

In essence, if you value yourself, then others will value you.  Most dating advice (and advice for friendships, social life, networking) can be summarized in that sentence alone.

However, it can take some for that to actually click in your head.  That’s the whole point in reading these articles, watching videos, or consuming information anything you want to learn.  You have to repeat the same information in new ways before things become engrained.

Is there really a Prize?

That’s where learning how to become the prize comes into play.

For some men, you tell them to “become the prize” – they instantly get it.  They understand.  They value themselves and most if not all of their relationship problems are solved.  The way they view interactions with women, with job interviews, and their overall swagger is transformed.

If “I am the prize” resonates with you, then simply reaffirming this constantly will do wonders for you.

However, there’s a lot of guys this doesn’t click with, at least not right off the bat.

They see it works for other guys.  But they have questions.

  • “Why am I the prize?” or
  • “What is the prize?” or
  • “Can me and the other person both be the prize?” or
  • “Why do I even need to be the prize” or even
  • “I don’t really think I’m the prize.”

and so on.  This article is for those men who want to leverage this simple, but effective mantra into their own lives for better self esteem and interactions with others.

What is the Prize?

Fulfillment over Pleasure - michael jordan

The “prize” is just another of saying what’s valuable.

I’m the prize = I’m the value = I’m important and sought after.

Generally, learning how to become the prize is viewed in terms of dating.  For example, men will use the phrase “become the prize” in order to change the way they interact with women.  If you’re the prize with women, that means that women want you more than you want them.

You can still desire a woman or women, but overall, they desire you more.  Therefore, you’re the prize.  You’re the thing she wins if she’s so lucky.

Generally, the average man treats women – or sex – like the prize.  And therefore, most women respond by running away or making the man jump through hoops.

How do you Become the Prize?

How do you actually become the prize?  Like I said earlier, for many men, this affirmation alone will give them the freedom to act like they really are the prize.  And therefore, women will generally treat you as that.  Just believing you’re valuable is really enough.  However, for men like this, they generally already have some level of confidence with women and in their own lives.

“Become the prize” is really just a conscious reminder of something they unconsciously know.  It just reminds them to know their worth.  Because even the men with the most confidence can get addicted to chasing women if he gives into his lust.

When you don’t feel like the Prize

The Biggest Problem Men have in Dating - man looking down

However, there’s the rest of men who can say “I’m the prize” and don’t really feel it.  For them, they don’t have the confidence they’re actually valuable yet.  They don’t have the experience of being treated like this yet, and therefore this affirmation alone won’t do much.  Because the unconscious doesn’t agree with it yet – due to real life experience not agreeing.

Essentially, if women (or business, friendships, etc.) have never treated you like you’re valuable, then you won’t have the experience to back up this affirmation.  That’s why it doesn’t click for some men – while this simple statement alone works wonders for others who have been treated well.

If knowing how to become the prize seems frustrating to you, it it doesn’t just click, then you need to do the real work.

Treat yourself well

The first step to be treated well by others is to treat yourself well.  When you really value yourself, others will start to value you.  It doesn’t matter if you want to learn how to become the prize with women, with friends, with whoever.  People will give back the energy you give out.

Don’t worry about projecting “I’m the prize” energy onto people.  Don’t worry or think about others having to feel your presence.

Instead, just treat yourself well.  This is doing all of the essential, but important things we already discuss on RD.

  • Eat healthy
  • Lift / workout
  • Meditate
  • Time in Sunlight / Nature
  • Practice semen retention

These lifestyle changes, along with doing good work that you enjoy, will give yourself a blessed life.

When you bless your own life, you’re treating yourself well.

And when you treat yourself well, others treat you well.

Value your Time, Energy, and Peace of Mind

man in sunlight - testosterone - vitamin D

If you want to break this down further, you can simply say to value your time, energy, and your own peace of mind.

When you value your time, you don’t waist it.  You don’t consume content for hours and hours.  Instead you work on your purpose, and then you consume content for 30-45 minutes that adds value to your life.  For example, instead of using IG all day – do good work, and for your consumption you can listen to a YouTuber or podcast or read a blog or book.

When you value your energy, you’re not looking to fuck every girl that looks good or be friends with everyone.  You still can meet a beautiful woman or have some friends.  But you’re not looking just to release your seed with a random girl or get drunk with your boys all the time.

When you want to be productive and guard your energy, you’re more selective about how you spend it.

That alone will make you the prize.  Truly valuing your energy is really what becoming the prize is about.

And if you value your peace of mind, then you will have a great life.  Most men are so desperate to get a girlfriend, or get laid, or break a porn addiction, or keep a bad job, that they have no peace of mind.

When you are at peace with yourself, you can enjoy your own company.  This means that while you can still spend time with others, you’re not needy to do so.

A man who values his peace of mind, his energy, and his time is a man who is the prize.

Valuing yourself is what it means to become the prize

How to Develop Integrity

If you don’t feel like the prize, it’s because you’re looking for a woman, friends, or whatever it is to fulfill you.

A man who learns how to become the prize is simply a man whose whole and complete all on his own.  Only when you’re complete all on your own, will you look like the prize to others.  Because you’ll have what they also want, which is to be peaceful, powerful, and complete.

How you perceive yourself is how others will perceive you.

When you perceive yourself as valuable, you become valuable in the eyes of others.

And that’s how you actually are the prize.  Value your time, your energy, and your peace of mind.

That’s how you respect yourself.  That’s how you love yourself.  Loving yourself isn’t about thinking about yourself all the time.  It’s not necessary at all.  Instead, it’s about valuing your life so much that you’re just involved with the process of life.  You have good work, you keep your body + health together, and you’re selective about who you interact with.

Then saying “I’m the prize” will ring true, and it will be a reminder of the reality in your life.