Story Of A Girl Who Was Betrayed By Her 3 Friends

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Chichetaram Victoria
Relationship contents writer

I always found Geography classes very interesting. The talks about the solar system, the universe, the earth and all of those kinda talk intrigued me a lot. I remember one time I told my mum I wanted to be an astronaut so I could spend every waking day in space, discovering what was beyond the solar system and also what was beyond that thing beyond the solar system. She knocked me hard that day and told me I was going to be a Doctor just like my late dad.

I looked at the clock and it was almost closing time, I hated for school to close whenever Geography was going on, I always wanted the classes to go on and on but then if I could have my way, I’m sure my classmates would want to stone me to death.

The bell for dismissal rang while I was still picturing myself like Stephen in the Bible being stoned to death by my classmates. I picked my bag, slung it over my shoulders and headed straight to the school canteen where I’d wait for my newly made friends, Amara, Chinwetara and Ifesinachi.

It came as a surprise to me when they started hanging out with me, girls like them never rolled with nerds like me. They were the girls with rich parents and everything they could ever want except brains of course, I on my side, had the brains and no affluence or popularity.

It started when I was the only student to score 90 in the Maths exam, I’m pretty sure that’s how some of my classmates knew of my existence in that school. I was a pure nobody, introvert, nerd, clumsy, dorkish, and all of those things you could use to qualify inconsequential beings.

Amara, Chinwetara and Ifesinachi started to come to me for assignments, they’d pay me and I’d do theirs for them, they were generous enough to even buy me lunch most times in school. They helped me out financially and I did the academic work of teaching them and doing their homeworks.

I stopped charging them for it when I began to enjoy their company so I’d say they became my friends. I would wait for them at the school canteen every dismissal and we’d go home together usually to my house first where we’d do assignments and gist and all that.

So like always, I waited for my friends to show up and they didn’t. It was weird because I had a big speech I was going to present during the assembly the next day and they promised to help me prepare buh they were nowhere to be found. Going to their class to look for them was not an option, our school was big and classes were very distant from each other, I’d probably not see them. After waiting one more hour, I left for home sulking really badly.

The next morning, I was in school even before it was 6:30am, I was so nervous. It was the day for my speech presentation and I was going to do this in front of the whole school, the school propietoress and board of directors were going to be there too, that day was our cultural day and it was an event every student in the school always looked forward to.

I couldn’t dare flop or disappoint my form-master and our school principal who chose me for the speech. Thoughts of all these only increased the tension building up in me. I kept pacing back and forth in my class demonstrating and practicing again and again, also looking out from my class veranda to know if I’d see my friends amongst students walking into school at intervals.

Thirty minutes into the time for our school assembly to begin, there was no sign of Amara, Chinwetara nor Ifesinachi. I got really worried and more tensed.

Our class prefect walked into the class a few seconds later I had left the veranda to come into the class to listen to the mindless discussions of some of my classmates who were already in school, to distract myself from thoughts of worst case scenario I was reminiscing over.

She told me the Vice principal wanted to see me immediately. Fear and confusion washed through me immediately. What did I do? Was someone else chosen for the quiz? Did I come too early? Crazy and irrelevant thoughts began to start a pandemonium in my head while I walked to her office.

“Good morning Ma, our class prefect said you wanted to see me”, I muttered fearfully
“Come in, Olaedo”, she said without any smile I could find comfort in
“Actually, get up and follow me” , she commanded
My heart began to race as fast as the cars I saw in the movie “Fast and Furious”. I followed her till we got to a part of the school I had never been to. She opened a door and gestured for me to go in. I went in, she came in and shut it behind her. She continued to lead me through a ton of stairs till we got to the last floor.
“Open it”

I wondered why she didn’t open it herself in the first place. I did as she commanded. The door opened to the view of the school principal, school propietoress and Dean of studies sitted with looks I couldn’t describe.
“Olaedo, have a seat”, my school principal said to me

I swallowed so hard, my heart was literally going to jump out of chest at that moment, tension filled the room.
“I’ve heard reports as to how good and quite unknown you are in this school “, the school principal said to me. She continued further
“you’re an A+ student, with good grades and no dent in your school records which is why it surprises me as to why you’d do this “
“You’ve been under scholarship from the school’s alumni association for over a year now and I’ve been asking myself how and why you suddenly want to lose everything you worked so hard for”

“Ma, I don’t understand what you’re…. “
“Do not talk when I’m talking! Olaedo, do not play games with me! Don’t pretend you don’t know what you did, how you destroyed… “
“But Ma, I really don’t know what you mean, what have I done? “
“Are these not your doing? “

She turned her laptop to me showing me pictures of some drawings and write-ups that were very familiar. They weren’t just familiar, they were my work. The diagrams were mine and the hand writing was mine too. How did the school board get hand of this? It was a drawing I made of the Dean of studies naked. I was a very good artist, so the drawing looked very real.

I instantly remembered Amara asking me to draw it, I had been crushing on our Dean for a long time, and my friends told me to make a sensual drawing of him that I’d always use for imagination purposes and also to write things I’d love to transpire between he and I.
I was staring at my stupid erotic write-up and drawing of my naked teacher from the principal’s laptop. Tears started to well up in my eyes. What was I going to say? How was I going to explain any of this?

“Your fake tears won’t solve anything. This photo and your disgusting write-up is all over social media. Top bloggers have it already. This work of yours has become top headlines in a lot of newspapers.

You’ve dragged our school’s name to the mud. People are calling the Dean of studies a paedophile and a whole lot! His wife thinks he’s been abusing you. What on earth came over you? Actually, I don’t want to hear any explanations…. “

” And we won’t! Olaedo, you’re expelled from this school and this meeting is over. Send her out of the school”, the school propietoress commanded.
“Please Ma, I can explain this! This is not what you think “, I tried explaining to them, with my eyes all red and swollen from my wails
“Tell your mum, she’ll refund the school alumni association every dime they paid for your tuition for the past one year. The damages you’ve caused this school at this moment is irreparable”, the school propietoress said to me and walked away.

The agony and anguish in me knew no bounds. I had been expelled. My mum would still refund the school? Where would we get that money from? How did this all happen? Who did I offend? Who posted this? I wailed and cried and begged loudly and no one listened to me.

What was I going to tell my mum? How will I explain this to her? She toiled day and night to raise money to put me in school and this was how I was going to pay her back? Who would do this to me? Amara, Chinwetara and Ifesinachi were the only one’s who knew about this. There’s no way this couldn’t have been them. It has to be their doing! But, how could they? I trusted them! I loved them!

There’s only one explanation, they just wanted to ruin my life, what could I have done to deserve this? They have everything and can get whatever they ask for. I’m just a poor girl with brains and a mum who works too hard to put me through. At the end, I failed my mom.

They succeeded. Amara, Chinwetara and Ifesinachi succeeded in ruining my life, in destroying everything I worked for.
I’d get even with them for this! There’s no way they’d go scot-free. I’m not waiting for karma to do its job. I will be Karma!


P. S: The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.




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