14 Signs Your Best Friend Is Definitely Jealous Of Your Relationship

14 Signs Your Best Friend Is Jealous Of Your Relationship

I want to give you 14 solid Signs Your Best Friend Is Jealous Of Your Relationship. So you are desperate to know if someone you called a friend is jealous of your relationship? maybe the two of you have been hoping and dreaming of having boyfriends/girlfriends all year long, so why isn’t he/she happy for you? Are they jealous because they hasn’t found someone yet? Or are they jealous that they no longer the number one priority in your life? Here are some signs that might be the case…

1) They sigh every time you mention your boyfriend’s name.

It’s only been two weeks and they’re already sick of hearing about your date nights and romantic strolls in the park. You start to tell them a story and you can tell they couldn’t give a flying fuck about how your “Netflix and chill” actually wasn’t just Netflix and chill after all….

2) They get pissed off when you don’t text back for ages.

You guys used to talk all day every day, but since you’ve found yourself a significant other, texting has cut back quite a lot. You don’t have the same amount of time dedicated to texting your bestie in the evenings because you’re also texting bae. You know they’re jealous when they cause a big argument just because it took you longer than four minutes to text back.

3) They’ve started spending more time with other friends instead of you.

Ouch. They feel like you’ve replaced them with your new boyfriend, so they do the same thing to you by hanging out with other friends. That can be extremely bitchy and hurtful because you haven’t purposely distanced yourself from them, it’s just happened naturally. It’s normal not to spend as much time with your best friend when you first start seeing someone, but as long as you haven’t abandoned all contact completely, your friend should respect the time you want to spend with your partner. After all, they can’t please you the way he can…

4) They expect the nightly phone calls to continue, even when you’re at his house.

This is a real “What the fuck” moment. Expecting you to call them when you’ve made plans with your boyfriend is beyond ridiculous, especially when they want the phone call to last at least half an hour. How would she feel if you rang your boyfriend every time you stayed at hers? Possessive much?

5) They threaten to reveal your sex secrets all the time.

It’s gotten to the stage where you don’t even know if you can trust them with your secrets anymore. You’re always worried they’ll spill the beans some night and embarrass you in front of everyone, just because they resent how much time you spend with your boyfriend. That’s just plain crazy, if you ask me.

6) They refuse to meet up in a group with his friends.

Another sign of the green-eyed monster is when she won’t make the effort to get to know his group of friends. All she’s interested in is spending time alone with you, away from any boys. Having a best friend that refuses to get along with your partner and his friends can make things extremely difficult and awkward, especially when you’re trying to plan group events.

7) They have nothing nice to say when you tell them good news anymore.

Your boyfriend got you concert tickets for your birthday and you’re SO excited to tell your best friend. Shocker, they are less than enthusiastic. They resent the fact that you’re going to this amazing concert without them and chances are, when you make a picture from that night your new profiler, they won’t like it. Oh, snap.

8) They say they’re “just kidding” when they throw digs at you.

It started off as playful remarks and jokes, but now it’s gotten to the stage where you can hear the venom in their words. You get the feeling they’re being serious when they tell you that your dress makes you look chubby and that your boyfriend thinks you’re really a bad kisser.

9) They constantly creep on his Facebook page to find potential dirt on him.

Your bestie is obsessed with looking for reasons to slate your boyfriend, even if it’s over a status he made about “going out on the pull” three years ago.

10) You can feel them shooting you daggers when you’re getting touchy feely with your boyfriend.

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than feeling someone staring at you while you’re getting frisky with your fella, particularly when it’s your friend that’s watching. You feel like they’re judging every action you make and would do anything to get in between the two of you. Only one way to deal with that shit: Get the fuck away stat.

11) They always bring up your exes when you’re with your boyfriend.

Oh, hell-to-the-no. You did not just mention Cain again. What the fuck are you doing to me?!


14 Signs Your Best Friend Is Definitely Jealous Of Your Relationship

12) You start to notice them flirting with your fella when you’re not looking.

They may hate his living guts, but they’ll still try to lure him out of his relationship cloud and show the true player in him. You catching him flirting with your bestie is sure to break you guys up, right? Not if it’s blatantly obvious that it’s her doing the flirting and he’s just trying to be nice, it isn’t.

13) They spend nights out sulking on the sofas while you dance with your man.

When they’re not staring at you from a distance, they’re moping around the dark corners of the nightclub, wishing the night would end and kind of hating you a little.

14) Or they follow the two of you around for the entire night.

Seriously? Are you my personal bodyguard or something? If you notice any of these signs then you should know something is fishy, Read This How to Tell If Your Best Friend Is Sleeping with Your Partner?

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