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eBook: Proven Ways To Make Any Guy Commit by Johnnywriter (Free)

Most of my Clients do ask me ‘Johnnywriter, how can I make him commit?’ The thing is, so many women are fixated on getting a “title” from him – as if having the right title in the relationship will define you as a human being, or give you a sense of security and safety, or turn a struggling relationship into a good one.

The truth is – your title doesn’t give you anything. It’s just a title.

Married men (and women) cheat all the time – title is no guarantee of behavior.

Insecurity will always kill attraction, no matter what someone looks like. I can tell you that in my life I’ve met incredibly “conventionally” attractive women that have done nothing for me – because they still felt so insecure about themselves.

At the same time, I’ve felt extremely attracted to women who society would not call “beautiful”, but they owned their presence and were happy with who they were – and that attitude was more deeply attractive than any superficial outer beauty. This eBook will help you when it comes to how to make your man commit

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