Peace, Love And Harmony: The Bedrock For A Better Nigeria

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Vanessa Anakor
Vanessa is currently in medical school pursuing a degree in medical laboratory sciences. She is also a freelancer, scriptwriter and aspiring author. When she is not studying or writing, she is advocating, reading, eating, listening to music, sleeping or binge-watching movies. She looks toward securing a challenging role in the creative writing industry, to bring fresh value and vision to the business. 

“To build a nation where race and justice shall reign!” I would sing this line with so much enthusiasm when I was younger. I knew peace was good so I wanted a peaceful country to live in. I wanted in because the national anthem says so. I recently saw a movie which centred on Niger Delta oil degradation based on a true-life story and I got a simple message. We cannot give what we do not have.

Peace Love and Harmony are choices of mankind.

Peace is possessed jointly by humanity. We choose to have peace, it cannot start on its own. It is only when we have peace of mind that everything falls into place. Many Nigerians lack peace of mind and act in accordance with pressure. Where there is peace, there is the base for the full potential of individuals, the full realization of creativity and true security of oneself.

Our country is deprived of national peace because of the lack of peace of mind, not just citizens but leaders. The poor governance, the insecurities of life, embezzlement of national funds, the list goes on and on…We are created to feel uncomfortable and lack peace of mind when we do things wrongly. If we truly have peace within us, nobody will be scared of their own shadow in Nigeria.

I think the right question to ask a Nigerian is “Do you love your country?” and not “Don’t you love your country?”. Love at its fullness and simplicity is not said but expressed. Patriotism is operated because where is the love within us? If leaders truly love the country, the actions would speak through how they deal with funds and welfare of the people. Same with the citizens, if there was love for the country, paying taxes would be a priority and not a chore. If we were patriotic, no one will want to live in a country without peace and harmony.

Harmony is Strength! Harmony refers to qualities such as unity, togetherness and integrity of a group. For example, the unity and togetherness between various ethnic groups in a state and various states in a country. National Harmony refers to unity between different sections of people in a country.

When there is harmony in a group of people, they treat each other with respect and tolerate each other’s differences. Harmony occurs naturally when there are peace and love within ourselves and among others. Dealing with disputes and resolving conflicts fairly and properly would be normal and have a long-lasting value. Memorable dates like independence and democracy days would be celebrated sincerely.

Well, I am just a young educated girl. How much do I know about Politics and National Affairs? I am only certain that we give what we have or possess. Nigeria is the Giant of Africa. Our obstacle is not poverty, rather it is disintegration. Over 150 million people as always against themselves, where do we go from here?

The strength of Nigeria lies in her rich multicultural diversity of about 250 ethnic nationalities. Conflict is inevitable but must not be violent.

I hope that one day my younger self will sing that line of the National Anthem sincerely and without a doubt.

Let us take Nigeria one step at a time.


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