Nine (9) Professions That Unavoidably Encourage Flirtatious Behaviors

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Kenneth Chimezie
A relationship guru and expert relationship therapist

Ever walked into an establishment to keep an appointment and in the midst of it you got hit on? Have you ever been in a public place and someone made advances at you suddenly leaving you his business card? If the answer is yes, chances are they belong to any of these professions covered in this article.

The people who belong in this line of work are notorious for flirting and even infidelity. Though, the reason is not quite known, but I postulate that they do so because they meet a good number of people, particularly the opposite sex thus succumbing to indulgence.

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Also, due to the importance of their job specification, awareness cum ego creeps in thereby turning them into flirts. Another factor worthy of mention is that the opposite sex are usually attracted to them for one reason or the other. Thus, at this juncture I’d like to point out that this insightful and thought-provoking piece might lean a lot more on the males in these professions simply because men do way more of the flirty business than…ahem the female gender. Therefore in no particular order, let’s meet them, shall we?


Yeah, you read that right. People who work in the teller section and even their managers think that they are God’s precious gift to women. Due to the nature of their job, they possibly interact with no less than five hundred (500) customers daily with a good number being the opposite sex.

If they are into you, they will make advances at you by smiling broadly and turning on their sexy voice. Then, they’d get really familiar with you in conversation, asking you some personal questions. You would count yourself really fortunate because of the special attention you would receive especially with your issues swiftly rectified. Hell, they’d even fix you a cup of tea while they’re at it.

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And hey, it would only be fair to extend such cordiality outside those fancy bank doors, huh? Hence, a simple exchange of contacts should facilitate that for a latter time, so as to keep those other “insignificant” folks who have queued up behind you from further cussing and muttering expletives at you, eh?


These guys are particularly my favorite of the lot. They meet a lot of people hence there is no limit to the interactions with them especially when they involve the opposite sex. The fact that these guys are legends stems from the fact that they are usually bosses in their right, coupled with their working hours being flexible. Hence, mid-trip, they could just as easily pullover anywhere convenient to get intimate with a condescending passenger. And because they make relatively good money on-the-go, they can just as painlessly dole it out to any lady who is down for some knocks.


These fellows are another set of badasses in the business of flirting. Not mincing words, they are at liberty to see all your privates and even touch you even without being in a relationship with you. After all you don’t want to die, do you? And they really do see that too many bodies, it’s insane! Makes me wonder how their spouses get along with them with such knowledge.

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Once, a few years ago while my now late father of blessed memory was on admission at a hospital, my younger sister, married with children and I were discussing with a urologist in his office. Being a Philosopher, I aptly understood that my presence wasn’t required in the room and so I exited.

My sister got wind of my motive and would subsequently tell me how the doctor began flirting with her as soon as I had left, never minding her marital status. Incidentally, the move yielded results as he gave my father the much needed attention.

Furthermore, doctors are notorious for banging their clients/patients right there in their offices even with a long queue outside the waiting area. All they need do is to instruct the nurses to restrict any other visitor from advancing into the office. Nurses are not left out although it is usually the doctors who are the major culprits. Even outside the hospital, doctors deliberately swoon heads by casually announcing their profession and the ladies become butter on a hot knife. Pitiful!


Popular people easily enter this list for obvious reasons of course. By popular people, I mean entertainers, audio/audio-visual media presenters, people in sports, social media influencers to mention a few. These people could sleep with a hundred people in a day if they so desired it.

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So, I guess being famous has its perks. Well, if you’re feeling like the biblical Thomas, just take a tiptoe to virtually any post made by them and observe the reactions they get from their “fans” especially of the opposite sex. On a live radio programme many years back, I recall that a bloke called to lodge a complaint about how he had bought VIP passes for his girlfriend and him to her favorite artiste’s concert in Lagos, Nigeria; only for her to end up in his bed after the event.

He couldn’t do much to prevent the tragedy since the bouncers created a wall between them during the meet. It’s just mind-boggling how people of the opposite sex seem to rain down on the laps of these celebrities wherever they set foot. Again, it’s not a secret how wannabes of the opposite sex, particularly female, are made to pay through sexual gratification in order to be considered for roles in movies, endorsement deals, record deals etc.


These ones are chronic flirts and to this effect, they usually have money to throw around. Power and the craving for the opposite sex seem to go pari passu. To cap it, they drive exotic cars, move in entourages and generally live the kind of life that many of your average celebrities can only dream of.

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Permit me to reveal to you that they’re the ones who date your favorite celebrities. However, you don’t see them go around town seeking girls for pleasure because they engage the services of pimps who make the needed arrangements. They’re the biggest spenders on this list and the girls crave them. Who wouldn’t want a bite of that juicy national cake?


Never underestimate the power of a man with a gun especially if he donns a uniform. These group hunt thighs for sport. They actually don’t spend that much money on their catch, but the protection they potentially offer more than makes up for their stinginess. As a third party, you would not want to get feisty with a lady who has a cop, immigration, soldier or what have you for a boyfriend. All that person would need to do is dial up and they’d come running over alongside his colleagues and I assure you that that won’t be an experience to savour.


I’ve had to witness a girl I was dating back then in school complain bitterly and repeatedly about a lecturer who wanted a dip in her honeypot. I can’t emphasize enough how lustful these folks are. They see a young fresh-looking person and they start wanting. Their female counterparts are equally culpable of this.

One can hardly blame them seeing the fine sets of young ripe flesh flaunting themselves all over campuses and even in their presence too, thereby making it quite difficult to resist and not want to indulge in some fleshy activity. And they are well aware of the amount of power they wield to.

So, they threaten their preys into submission. The fact that they’re generally usually chiseled out from the same wood makes them hard to deal with because, they almost always have each others’ backs. You should thread with caution with these lot, please.


These spark much controversy unlike any of those on this list. Also, it can’t be denied that their lust for loins is equally legendary. By default, they have the trust of their followers, which explains why it’s relatively too easy to land their victims.

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Many at times, relationships with perceived spiritual leaders end up in heartbreak and disappointment. Many a shepherd of the flock have become the very wolves they should be keeping at bay. Stories of supposed “holy men of God” getting into vile sexual misconduct with their followers are endless. It is twisted often times to even hear that the opposite sex actually crave them and even play the role of lurer. Many have a fetish for these supposed custodians of the faith. God have mercy on us!


It’s been a ride on this post, really; albeit, the list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of hotel owners or their managers. Not only have they the best suite in the hotel but they are quite stingy with it as they never are up for others to lodge in. If they come for you, it’s a giving that you get the best service and treatment on the house. They like to appear cultured but, these daredevils will eat you up in bed. They play their cards expertly, though, often times they are preoccupied with hunting down unsuspecting customers of the opposite sex for the romp of a lifetime.

In conclusion, if anyone is making advances at you, there’s only a tiny chance that they’re not in any of these lines of work.
Consequently, if you’ve got a partner who falls into any of these aforementioned profiles, there is a high chance they flirt frequently or occasionally.

I expect your reactions in the comments section.


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