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[story-lines]I had an abortion last month but I didn’t tell anyone and kept this to myself. It was very painful, and I felt alone. I felt very sad I did this to myself and had to abort an innocent baby. I was seeing this guy for two years but we very rarely met up. We hadRead more “I feel like I keep being used by men”

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My husband left me back in June, saying he loved me but wasn’t ‘in love’ with me. After fourteen years of marriage, I’m completely devastated. After we split up, we continued seeing each other for a couple of months, but then he ended it again and I discovered he’d actually met someone else. I managedRead more “My husband has left me after 14 years of marriage and I’m devastated”

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Please i really need a good advice on what to do…My bf and I broke up few weeks ago. His best friend offered to come over and comfort me. One thing led to another because I needed someone badly and I didn’t know how it happened. After one week my boyfriend called and decided toRead more “Should I tell my boyfriend that I slept with his best friend?”

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It was my teenage years. A good guy not falling into the handsome side either. I fell for a girl and she fell for me later but this story is more of the bitter part. The girl I loved was with her abusive ex whom I fought with, for her and it was the lastRead more “After Doing The Weirdest Thing For Love And This Is What I Got”

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There is nothing emotional between us and nothing’s going to be emotional ever and it was mutual. We had agreed on not to bring each other in our personal lives. We were just friends. I mean friends with benefits. We played a small part in our lives. Wait, let me start from the beginning. InRead more “I Slept With Her But I Don’t Want To Marry Her And I Am Not The Villain. She Is.”

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I realized that I had fallen madly in love with him completely by accident, so I broke up with my boyfriend so I could be with him. He was thrilled with this, and we spent a couple absolutely blissful weeks together where we sang love songs to each other, cooked meals together, danced like crazy,Read more “I fell inlove with him by accident”

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We dated for over a year and were each other’s best friends, we completely understand each other, and we are still madly in love with each other, but it was best for us to break up because we weren’t in the same place. She’s 20 and wants to be married and have kids soon, andRead more “This Final Date Night”

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My boyfriend and I broke up over religion. We were in a relationship for four years and a couple of months ago, both his parents (who are Jewish) and my parents (who are Hindu) made us break up with each other because both families believed that there was no future for us. His Jewish parentsRead more “My boyfriend and I broke up over religion”

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Anonymous Hello, I am Anmol Rodriguez and this is my narrative that has left people spellbound! When I was just 2 months old, my very own father flung acid at my mother. Since I was resting on my mother’s lap at the time, I too became a victim of the attack. Sadly, my mom passedRead more “My Own Father Threw Acid On My Face But I Did Not Let That Stop Me. Here Is My Story.”

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Anonymous I was a regular guy who loved watching love stories and dreamt of having a similar story with a happy ending. I found my love in the same company where I was working. When I fell in love with her, I discovered that she was facing several family problems. I truly loved her andRead more “I Did Everything For Her But She Left Me Because Of Her Mother”

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