My Mom is Jealous of Me

My Mom is Jealous of Me

My mom is jealous of my model body. It is painful when you find that your Mom is the only one who wishes bad for you.

Hi, am Rose and a daughter of a supermodel Mom. I am 18 years old and my Mom is 44 years old, but looking at her no one would accept that she is my Mom. People will assume her as my sister.

My Mom was an ambitious model since her youth and she was very conscious about the food she consumed. She was particular about her diet. She even made sure never to get the sun exposure else she would tan her body. She also made a habit of drinking four liters of water a day, so that she never faces the problems of pimples. Her strict lifestyle and passion for work led her to success at a very early age of 20. And that was a period where a person’s heart blows up when someone pampers. The same happened to my mom and got infatuated with a guy who was also a model and her co-partner they started dating each other and decided to marry.

At the age of 22 they got married, but my Mom took a vow from my father that they would never plan for a baby because my Mom didn’t want to lose her career.

Their married life went smoothly and work life too they both got popular and got offers from Ad agencies to work for popular brand advertisements and a few musicians gave them roles to act in their music album

At the age of 26 their first music album was released which was a very big hit in those days the musicians were happy and they threw a success party.
My Mom was thrilled and she enjoyed the party by drinking too much she was out of control and my father brought her home. Somehow my Mom had lost and her hormones were active enough to attack my father. And they made passionate love that night. And I am the
result of that.

Well of course things went normal for one month until my Mom missed her menstruation. She had a doubt and did a home pregnancy test which showed positive. My father was happy but my Mom was not, though she had felt like having a baby she didn’t want that time because she was growing and she was on the level of success, and because of pregnancy she didn’t want to lose all these.

My Father convinced her a lot that she will be normal after pregnancy and things will be the same as now.
During the phase of pregnancy as her tummy was growing. She was getting insecure about her body. And after delivery her body ship was looking like an apple, which disappointed her. She was not at all happy to see me.

After three months when she recovered a bit. She started doing gym and followed her diet to get back her stylish and hot body. She hired a nanny to look after me.

In another three months, she was looking the same as before and resumed her work. She never gave me much time but my father did, though she was busy with her work and I never got my mother’s love. Still my mother was a role model for me, her dedication to work inspired me.

My nanny and my father nurtured me. For my studies, I went to good tutors in school but silently in hiding, I used to watch my mother’s lifestyle, her food pattern, what she eats, when she sleeps, how she behaves. I followed whatever she did. And I tried maintaining myself and my body.

At the age of 16, there was an award show that my family was invited to. We all went there and one of the producers saw me and asked my mom to get me in the modeling world. My mom was stunned to hear that, and just ignored saying that; “oh she’s just 16 and has to study”.

Later after a week, the same producer came along with a fashion designer and approached me to be a showstopper for his new collection. I was thrilled to hear that. My father allowed me to sign the agreement. My mom was not present at the moment but when my mom found out she was angry with me. That was just my first step towards modeling but that worked out.

And gradually, I started getting offers from various people. By the age of 17, I had more offers than my mother and she hated me for the same. Even though she was looking as young as I was; the market wanted a new face, a new look. They were somewhere bored with the old face from decades ago.

So it started happening that my mom started spending the most time at home and I used to be out and my mom suddenly started behaving nice to me, started making delicious recipes which made me happy.
But after a month, when I went for my routine checkup, I found my weight gain by 2kg and my tummy was slightly out. I thought that maybe mom was giving me unhealthy and fatty food, since that day I have resumed back to my old diet as my mom’s idea got flopped.

One day, she poured oil all over the floor so that I would slip and fall, but fortunately that day, when I was almost reaching that area where oil was spilled, I got a call and I went to receive my phone in my room. So I went back and at the same time my nanny went through that place and she fell which hurt her badly. The trick was not over yet, she tried puncturing my car’s tire so that I would be late.

After doing so many unsuccessful attempts, one day she came up with a spa product and asked me; “oh dear, it’s your birthday tomorrow, can I do your home facial”? I knew that of course, there was something fishy going on, I said “yes”. She made the bed ready and all the products were set and she asked me to lie down on the bed, but I didn’t and I made her forcefully lie down, she tried to rescue herself, but I tied her hands and legs and did her facial.

After cleaning her face, her face was full of red spots. She had mixed a huge amount of bleach in the face pack and she was planning to spoil my face. I was thrilled to look at her and couldn’t control my laugh.

The next day, on my birthday, she didn’t come out in front of anyone at the party, she was hiding behind the pillar looking around at what was happening.
Party was going smoothly and no one asked about her, all that mattered to everyone was me.

Then finally, the time came for the cake cutting, all were excited but I didn’t cut the cake without my mom, because she was the one who gave me birth and because of whom I was in this world. I went to mom and took her out, people laughed looking at her and asked her about the redness on her face, she was quiet but I said that she had a mushroom allergy and she ate it last night by mistake.
Then I asked mom to cut the cake with me because this is my first birthday when she was there beside me.

On the same night, when I was in my bedroom, mom came and apologized for whatever she had done to me since my birth. She said that she realized, that only family would support her during the bad phase and no one else would come.

Today, after 18 years I am happy to have a mom with me and I love her, though whatever she did to me was bad.
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