Love Story Of A Novice Who Never Got A Second Chance To Love Again

Love Story Of A Novice Who Never Got A Second Chance To Love Again

As a young growing girl, I have always prayed for when I will be an adult and fall in love and be loved as well. I prayed that my first relationship be inspiring and motivate people to love and be loved. I prayed I meet the right person so I don’t have to look any further. This way, I would be able to focus on other important things in my life like education, career and future.

The time finally came. That was before my admission into the higher institution. It was on my way returning home after checking my name on my intending school admission list but I wasn’t lucky with the list. In a mini bus going home, I met a certain young man in his early twenties, his name is Geo in the same bus with me. The bus also had another passenger but she dropped before we did at the bus stop.

The funny thing was, it was my first time coming out alone without my brother leading me, so I kept disturbing the driver of the first bus stop my brother asked me to alright and get another bus going down to my hometown. The young man smiled and said “we are heading towards the same destination, I will let you know when we get there so we can get down together”.

I then relaxed and we continued with the journey to a certain bus stop not close to where my brother had directed. He told me the bus wouldn’t be getting there. That we had to either trek or get another bus to that particular bus stop. I decided we trekked since I still have time and it’s not far like he described.

We finally got to the bus stop. He asked for my number and dialed it to be sure it’s correct before taking me to where I would get a bus. He also went away afterwards. He called me later in the evening to check on me and how my journey went.
Two days after that was valentine’s day and I had no one except my immediate family to wish, so that morning I sent him a text and also got a reply from. It was a friendly wish from both ends. That was when we started having a friendly conversation. He asked me not to bother coming again to check for my name that he will do that on my behalf.

One Thursday, he called me to come over to school, that my name came out with the third list and I should start my registration immediately before it gets crowdy. I quickly called my cousin who was already in the school. I informed him I will be spending some weeks with him, for my registration period and also house search.

The next day I was already in school. Geo took me to the right places and assisted me throughout my registration processes. He made it easy for me because he was already in the system. On the other hand, my cousin concentrated more on helping me get an appointment because he wasn’t comfortable am sharing his room with his friends in it. He was afraid of them taking advantage of me. But that wasn’t the case. I was happy I did. The guys were friendly and accommodating. Just that I have to wait for them to dress up and go out every morning before I do same. And I had to change in the bathroom all the time. They loved my company because I became their chef and small mom.

One of the days of my registration, I met my roommate. She was also registering and looking for an apartment. We got talking and decided to be roommates and get a house. We got one before my cousin could and I went home. She paid in my absence and I moved in immediately.

Geo would always visit and check on me from time to time. Sometimes he spends his whole day with us and return home when is bed time. He was caring, understanding, accommodating and my kind of perfect man. He was always looking out for me even in my studies as well. He’s always pushing me to be better. Geo never liked my roommate for anything and same goes for my roommate. The comforting part is they always fake smiles at each other and for me is better than a war zone.

The funny thing about our relationship was, no one asked the other out but we found ourselves in a relationship. We always get jealous here and there. Our communication was heavenly and the love was just natural. It wasn’t forced. And we understand ourselves better. Although sometimes I act weird and confused and even to the point of giving him attitudes and avoiding him for no reasons, he never left. Worst he did was get his friends to talk to me on his behalf. He had two friends. They are more like the “powerful three”. They complement themselves in their different areas of lack. My roommate did her best to discourage me from the relationship but I never left. I saw something she didn’t see. I saw a man full of love, compassion and a beautiful future. My mind knew I wasn’t wasting my time with him.

Gradually, I started drifting away. I got scared at some point of finally going to be left alone. Since I met him, we hardly stayed apart. He was always there even in my reading moments. He thought me how to be smart with my reading. So we practically spend our days together well. I wasn’t ready to start living in fantasy when I have experienced beautiful kisses and compassionate hugs with him. Sex was postponed till when I was ready. But our times together made me realize that sex doesn’t really mean intimacy. Intimacy is having your soul join as one in thoughts, acts and spending time together.

On the day of his final exams, I quit the relationship. I told him I can’t be here alone believing he was mine when I don’t get to see him, hold hands, sleep off on him and even attention school together as we used to. I wasn’t ready to share the thought that he’s with another elsewhere. He pleaded, I never listened. His friends came I never listened. He did all he could to change my mind but it was already made up. I told him to go and come back that I will wait for his return. And if he’s single, we continue but if not we know it wasn’t meant to be.

Down the line, some girl came into his life towards the end of service. He said she helped him when I left him to fate. And he’s not going to hurt her because of me. After he got back, I still tried to rekindle us, but he meant his words. Even after the girl left he never came back. I lost a good man out out what I couldn’t explain myself. We kept the communication for a good while before I finally quit talking to him. He sincerely want me to feel hurt because he wouldn’t stop mentioning her name in our discussions.

I told myself it was time to move on. I focused more on my education and career. I got into relationships but they never lasted. But am gradually picking myself up already.
One thing I know is that I never regretted meeting Geo. He was my soulmate then. I am grateful I learnt about love and lived it with him.


P. S: The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.




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