I fell inlove with him by accident

I realized that I had fallen madly in love with him completely by accident, so I broke up with my boyfriend so I could be with him. He was thrilled with this, and we spent a couple absolutely blissful weeks together where we sang love songs to each other, cooked meals together, danced like crazy, watched old Disney movies, developed hilarious inside jokes (making a duck face every time Skyfall is mentioned, due to Daniel Craig’s face), complimented each other every few minutes… He was so wonderfully happy, I was so wonderfully happy, and everyone around us thought we were an amazing couple. Those were a couple of the happiest weeks of my life.

Fast forward another two weeks and he realizes he’s not in a position where he can commit to a serious relationship. Feels too young, feels like he wants to explore the world, scared of commitment, etc. He decides he’ll try to push aside the doubts because he thinks I’m amazing and that we have something really special going on. We kiss like we’re in the movies and everything is great again. One week later, the doubts are back and I can’t handle always being afraid he’ll end it any minute, so we end it and go back to being friends.

Except that I’m still madly in love with him. But secretly.

This is my story

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Author: Johnnywriter
The Founder of Hisparadise, a relationship counselor. Johnnywriter has covered topics related to depression, anxiety, and relationships. With an understanding that there is never too much information and helpful research about relationship problems in all of its forms, He continues to look for new and creative ways to both start discussions & engage with others about these important topics.
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