I Did Everything For Her But She Left Me Because Of Her Mother

I was a regular guy who loved watching love stories and dreamt of having a similar story with a happy ending.

I found my love in the same company where I was working. When I fell in love with her, I discovered that she was facing several family problems.

I truly loved her and never broke any of the promises she asked me to make. When our relationship completed a year and a half, both of us changed our jobs. She got into HP while I was still trying for different companies.

Suddenly, she started ignoring me. I thought she was busy with her new job so I didn’t say anything to her. One day, we decided to meet and were having a great time until she started messaging someone.

A week went by and all of a sudden, she sent me a WhatsApp message saying that we will have to earn up to Rs.40, 000 a month. I told her that we would eventually earn it but it would take some time for both of us. I wondered why she was suddenly talking about money but she refused to tell me anything.

Yet, I went to her place. When she reached home from the office, she saw me but started walking towards her house instead of meeting me. So I called her to come and meet me.

She finally came and we spoke but she was quiet about the money part. Out of nowhere, she said that she was done with me and the tortured life with me. I was shocked at her outburst!

I broke down and told her to stop lying but she kept going on. When she repeated the same thing for the 5th time, I lost control and slapped her.

For the first time in my life, I raised my hand on a lady.

I have seen my father’s anger and I never wanted to be like him. But she pushed me to raise my hand.

Then she confessed that her marriage had been fixed. I asked her if she wanted me to speak to her mother and convince her. She agreed and so I went to her house with flowers for her mom. I told her about our relationship but she wanted only an Anambra guy for her daughter.

I tried to make her understand that her daughter wasn’t happy with this decision as she was in love with me.

Eventually, her mom said that she would speak to her daughter. I felt happy. I went back home and tried calling my love but she didn’t answer.

After a while, I received an angry message from her, “How dare you come to my house and speak about our relationship.”

When I told her that she was the one who asked me to speak to her mom, she was still angry because her mom had yelled at her. That night, she told me that our relationship was over.

She had promised her mom that she’d marry the guy chosen for her.

I was stunned by her behaviour. After getting intimate with me, making me love her and do everything for her, how could she do this to me! I was heartbroken! I had planned to surprise her by telling her that I’d saved 8 lakh rupees for our future but she left me before that.

She did this to me even after knowing how much I loved her.

Today it’s been 3 months and I haven’t slept for a single night. She is getting married at the end of 2020 and I am left alone. I have even tried killing myself many times but my love for her is still the same.

I hope that one day she realizes what she did to me but by the time, it may be too late.

She is marrying a bartender who works with some firm. Today, I am so rich and well settled that I go to the same hotel where that guy works and makes me a drink every Saturday. I feel proud of all that I have achieved and I know that he cannot compare himself to me.

But I still love her and if karma doesn’t make her feel my pain then I will until she realizes her mistake and apologizes for playing with my heart.

Guys also have a heart but we change it for the girl. I still respect women but I can never respect her after what she did. However, I will be her guardian angel if she faces any issues because I loved her.

I will eventually fall in love with someone else and marry her…but I want to stop thinking about her completely.


What’s your story?

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  1. Following your story, to me I feel you are over her at some point. But you don’t wantto accept it. You still hope that maybe one day t will come true but bro u need to move on. I mean you are doing well and a lot of women out there would be happy to have u.

  2. You are a strong man…when I came acroz ur story I told myself that I wouldn’t put a guy Ij such positn not even my enemies. Life is unpredictable and no one knows tomorrow
    U juz have to remain who u are. Love will find you.

    1. If she needs a guardian angel she has her man not you. Don’t try so hard to fit in. Self respect is key..respect yourself and move on completely. You sound like a nice man and that’s the reason she’s taking you for granted

  3. Tribalism is the major problem in this country. My man abeg waka go find another babe. Dem full everywhere. It happened to me last two years. I was stressed and disorganized. Chai women sef

  4. I understand your story but I would blame her. She told you her mind but you were just so nice and hoping she could change her mind. When a woman’s mind is made up you can’t change it. Don’t be nice to her rather let her go completely.

    1. Hahahahah my dear love happens without permission. I once said this but look at me now. Lolz. Anyways love is a beautiful thing my dear. U can’t run away from it

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