I am Addicted To My Phone

I am Addicted To My Phone

I am addicted to my phone.
I never get bored scrolling through my
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp handles
It’s the only company i got 24/7.

Mom is always jealous when i am playing with my phone and happy when my phone battery is dead.
She won’t understand it’s the only thing that keeps me sane.

Deep down i have been a slave to my phone,Deep down i keep lying to myself that I’m not lonely.
Sometimes I get lonely
Just waiting..
Always waiting…

Thinking one day i will be free from my sickness.
I realize i’m sick the only cure to my illness is being surrounded by my loved ones
Now i realized i push them all off all because of my addiction to my phone.

Now I’m always looking to the future,
Forgetting to be in the present,now i can’t breathe without my phone.
Pray to God to make my addiction better.
I am addicted to my phone.

What else can I do to be free from this addiction?

I’m enslaved, imprisoned, I want to be free

I’m addicted to my phone

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