How To Worry Less In A Relationship And Focus On Yourself (6 Tips)

How To Worry Less In A Relationship And Focus On Yourself (6 Tips)

Being in a relationship is Amazing, but sometimes, it can be controversial, especially when you find yourself dealing with “inferiority complex”.
Have you been wondering the Best way to worry less and focus on yourself while in a relationship?. I know it might sounds daring, Its not that hard, because i believe we all have a future to focus on aside being in a relationship.

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For instance, in my relationship with Mr A, i built my world around him, when Mr A and I broke up, i was fazed and bewildered. It was not easy to forget about all those thoughts and the memories that I lived with for year’s. I had to pick myself up and move on.

Then, I met Mr X and we both connected and were madly in love with each other. We both enjoy our times together. But for some reasons, we decided to take a break. One of the reasons being that; in my previous relationship, I learnt that i have a future to focus on aside being in a relationship.

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We have our different activities that have nothing to do with each other. Some of them like work,hobbies and so on. And we should create space to achieve our different goals and do other important things as individuals.

After experiencing this two men,I realized that there are things i could do to maintain my stand on worrying less in a relationship and focus on myself.
Here are some of the things I learned.

1. Time Management

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you won’t spare some “time” for yourself. Remember, you have some goals to achieve. Don’t forget to write down your goals so you can visit, add and tick from time to time.
Taking some time off will help you keep your balance in the relationship and it’ll also help keep you sane..

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2 . Self love

Never forget to spend some time to continue taking care of yourself while you’re in a relationship. Continue to show yourself love because you “deserve” it. How do you achieve this? Do what makes you happy and fulfilled. Other people’s opinion shouldn’t really matter as long as you are living rightly.They might want you to spend quality time with them. But it doesn’t mean you always need to. You should sometimes consider having your own space by visiting places you find solace. It could be your home or anywhere you can have a quiet moment alone.

3. Communicate with your partner

Always communicate with your partner about the ups and downs going on in your life, especially the things you need to do to feel like you. I believe in the act of “transparency”. It helps in matters like this. Communicate with your partner when you need some “time” off or feel off too.

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4 . Maintain a hobby

We all have something we love doing. Things like football,singing, dancing,art or craft. Perhaps, you like hanging around with a group of friends too. If that be the case please do so. Make sure you keep up this hobby after you get into a relationship. Don’t stop doing them because you are caught up in a relationship. And if you don’t have a hobby already, find one you love.

Another important thing is never try to force your partner to blend into your hobbies if they dislike them. Always make sure you have enough space to yourselves to continue to do them alone. So find something you love. It’s fine to invite your partner to join you every now and then, but you should have at least a few things you love that have nothing to do with them. For instance, I personally love being creative with things like designing and my partner have zero knowledge about it.

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5 . Exercise

When anxiety feeling start settling in, it’s best you exercise. It helps in keeping both your body and mind at alert. The benefits of exercise include everything good and a happier mood down to a sharper mind. In the end, you will value the fact that you are talking care of yourself for you. This way, you are placing yourself as the first and foremost priority.

6 .Stay focus on your personal goals

Relationship mos times takes much space and time. But one should always remember to include the things one wants to do now as well as before meeting the partner.

It’s nice to have fantasies about your partner, possibly envision you both married with kids bubbling around in the future while in your relationship.That said, don’t forget about your own personal goals. Things like your career and your own desires for your life path should be your first and foremost priority.

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Get better,make sure you are seeking what you really want. Create a self-care plan, practice self compassion and always examine your values.

This doesn’t mean you need to plan a life totally separate from your partner. It just means that while you’re thinking of life together, you are also planning for your future.

Being in a Relationship is wonderful. But it’s best you are also conscious not to loose yourself in the process. If you are looking for “the best ways to worry less in a relationship and focus more on yourself” while in your relationship, use the strategies on this list.

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Dear you reading this, If you are the type that forget who you are while in a relationship it’s time to step up your game and worry less. Putting “you” first will help you to be more of a better person in the relationship. Just like a saying goes “you can’t give what you don’t have”.

If you don’t have your time how will you have for another? And if you don’t take time to rest, how will you have a functional brain to handle a relationship? And if you don’t love yourself enough, how can you tell another you love them when you don’t even know what the word itself mean?



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