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How to Marry a Rich Man as a Poor Girl

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If we go back memory lane, I would want us to recall a famous example of a girl who married a rich man. I guess you remember the name Cinderella; a poor girl, who later became a princess or queen in the famous fairy tale story.

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Good enough, that strategy still works in the present day – especially this 21st century. I was conversing with a wealthy friend (who owns a million dollars corporation) and sought his opinion to know how rich men think when looking for a wife.

The answers he gave were really interesting to read; I will share them later on in this post as we progress.

The princess formula revolves around the ability of a girl to study the mind of her prince and mold herself into what he finds adorable. It is the principle of being as gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent.

A prince needs a princess to become a complete king. The princess needs certain qualities to compliment that of her prince. The prince doesn’t need a threat in his princess, so he goes for someone he finds compatible and could also control.

In conclusion, the prince needs a female version that possesses certain qualities to complete. If you are looking to marry a rich man using the princess formula, then you need to have those qualities. How can you achieve that? The guidelines below should help.

How to Marry a Rich Man as a Poor Girl

Steps to Marry a Rich Man Using the Princess Formula

These are the recommended steps that you wouldn’t find in the book that was written for this specific purpose.

Know how to find rich people

Most rich men no longer live in castles, but it is still difficult to get to them. You might be looking for rich young guys or older ones – depending on your preference, but they aren’t that disposed to meet with just any girl.

Knowing how to find them – whether online or offline is a skill you have to develop. There are specific locations, places, to find these rich people; it is up to you to figure out how to achieve that purpose.

To learn more about identifying how to find rich people, you can read this post. Even though the post focuses on rich men who are extroverts, we have other rich men who are more of introverts. They rarely come out physically, so meeting them in person at first would be difficult.

There are other ways of getting across to them that is non-confrontational and still gives you the advantage of getting to know them without meeting them. I am talking about social media sites, dating sites, and friend’s recommendation.

You have to figure out your best strategy to find them; then you go ahead to knowing how to identify the rich folks from the fake ones. While looking to marry a rich man, you wouldn’t want to end up with a fake.

Identify them

In a world filled with many fake ass people pretending to be who they are not, it is almost impossible to separate the crab from the crayfish.

If you are looking for rich men to marry via social media and dating sites, you should have the ability to differentiate between a rich and a fake.

It is quite challenging to know who is who online, but I know most people must have figured out a way to see the difference between a rich and a fake dude online.

If you want to marry a rich man by attracting them through social media, then you should read how to identify a rich guy online.

To avoid wasting your time with guys of no substance, identifying those with money early on would be a massive advantage for you.

Learn what is missing in their Lives

Most rich men already have the girls they can think about – this isn’t true. If it is true, why is he still single despite his money?

At that stage, he is confused because he doesn’t know who loves him for him or just his money. Every single rich man is currently facing this problem.

That is the reason princes of medieval age gather all the young maidens in the kingdom and give them tasks to accomplish. Whoever accomplishes the task wins the heart of the young prince. The same principle is still being today.

The rich men have all that they want, but something is missing which they want in a wife. As a smart girl; seeing yourself as a princess whose duty is to assist the king, will find sneaky ways to figure out his utmost desire.

Once you’ve come close to a rich, it is your sole duty to identify his innate desires and show signs of fulfilling it from your side. This is one of the tricks to marry a rich man using the princess formula.

Be a dependent Queen

Transforming into a helpless queen is more like a massive summary of the traits you need to marry a rich man using the princess formula.

A queen has charisma, authority, knowledge, is trustworthy, and moves with grace, think about a queen in her glamour. These are the qualities and traits you should exhibit; you can’t fake them, so I guess you should start to practice them ASAP.

How to Marry a Rich Man as a Poor Girl
How to Marry a Rich Man as a Poor Girl

When with a rich man, you should possess all these but never make him feel threatened. He doesn’t need a competitor; he needs someone to compliment all that he has already.

You should exhibit all these traits to other men; but when with him, your attention should be on him and not yourself. This is a manipulative trick that works wonders in the mind of a rich man. The moment he feels he can also control you, he lays down his guard and becomes suspectable to manipulations.

Whatever your initial plan was, you can then create it into a reality. Getting a rich man to spoil you, giving into your wishes becomes a simple task to accomplish.

Align yourself to his Dreams

Most rich men are dreamers and visionaries, and they are looking for partners that would buy into their dreams. A princess knows that one day the young prince would become a king; and when he becomes king, he will rule in a certain way – that’s the dream.

From the start, she is wired to help him become the type of king he wants to become – that creates a connection between both of them.

Make him tell you his dreams – find a way to align yourself to that dream or vision. That way, you become a trusted ally. Do you know what happens to partners? You become a part of him, and he always wants you around.

Make yourself Valuable

If you have a banging body, that fair enough.

What about good physical qualities? Still great.

All these doesn’t matter when he decides to weigh you on balance to know if he can do without you or not.

Remember, he has several options – so you have to give him what an average beautiful girl can’t give him. So you might be wondering about possible ways to add value to a rich man who already has all the money.

Here are some ways to add value to the life of a rich man

Help him save time on some projects

If he needs to hire a virtual assistant on a job you can handle, propose to him to outsource the job to you. Surprise him by not collecting a dime – you know how you achieve that right?

Help him save money

If he is a single rich guy, who spends extravagantly, propose ways to help him save cost. He will find out that since he met you, his loss has gone lower. Sooner or later, he will bless you with a ring.

Help him beat competition

If he has a business, company, then you should tell him ways to beat the competition and generate more revenue. It might be difficult if you don’t have a business idea, but you need to drop plans at least to show that you’ve got a functional creative brain.

You have to show value!

Help him in self-improvement

Identify areas he needs to work on his life.

Be self-dependent

A rich man can smell gold-diggers from miles away. Don’t fake it if at first if you aren’t self-dependent. Better you come out clean at first than wasting your time faking it all the way. You will later be exposed – so save yourself time and be yourself.

Be yourself

Nobody likes fakes – most notably a rich man who worked so hard to acquire his riches. If something worked for Cinderella, the princess, she was herself while others tried so hard to impress.

There is a way to have all these qualities and still be yourself by dishing them out. Once you start faking who you are not, you sell yourself out and get exposed. If you intend to marry a rich man using the princess formula, then learn the art of being yourself while still who he wants to marry.

It might be difficult at first, but you can pull it through once you have mastered the art of living comfortably in another form.

Be Smart

Above all, to marry a rich man, you must be smarter than him. You must think faster than he does and predict him with ease.

It is all about manipulation – most likely in a friendly way. Well, getting someone to like you is still manipulation, so there is nothing to feel guilty about.

If it seems like there is no headway once you are with any rich man, learn to jump ship and save yourself time. No matter what, be smart!

All these are what the original writer failed to highlight while she was writing the book. I felt I should include them here to give a balanced view of the 21st-century rich man.

Alright girls, now your hustle continues and I wish you a good hunt. I am also married to a rich man for over 10years, and I applied these same tactics. If it worked for me, it should work for you too.

Best of luck!


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