How To Make N100K Per Month On Hisparadise By Creating Original Content

How To Make N100K Per Month On Hisparadise By Creating Original Content

How To Make N100K Per Month On Hisparadise By Creating Original Content is easy. Being an original content creator on the Hisparadise hub is one of the best work-from-home jobs.

The hub is a brainchild of Hisparadise .

Let me take you on a journey to financial independence on how to work from home and receive your earnings via your Hisparadise account and how to withdraw it.

Why you should start creating original content

Every content you create on the hub will be accessible to all Hisparadise platform users. The platform already has more than 1million users.

Requirements To Be an Original Content Creator

  • Full name
  • Functional email address
  • Phone number
  • Ability to write original content.

How to register on Hisparadise

To start creating original content, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for Hisparadise at
  2. Login to your Facebook account
  3. Use the Facebook account to sign up
  4. Confirm your details
  5. Create your username
  6. Choose your preferred category (area of interest for your content)
  7. Upload your photo
  8. Write a short description about yourself or about what your followers and prospective readers should expect from your page
  9. Click next to the following details: legal name choose country, phone number
  10. Click confirm
  11. Wait for your account to undergo review. In less than 24 hours it should be up and running.
  12. Start creating content, publish and earn

How to publish your first post

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on “SUBMIT ARTICLE” Tips: You can first create your content on Word Doc, when you are done with the editing, you can copy and paste on the create article space.
  3. Upload photo in your content
  4. Scroll down to choose the right category for your content
  5. Use tags
  6. Preview if you like, and then hit publish.

Wow! You just a step away from earning from your writing. However, you will have to be patient for a few minutes for your post to pass through the quality control unit before it’s live.


HIPcoins is a Hisparadise currency used in measuring how much a member earns. 1 HIPcoin is equivalent to N1 (1Naira) and equivalent to $0.20.

How to earn more and win HIPCOINS

  1. Choose a topic or category
  2. Be simple as much as possible to connect your content with your audience
  3. Share your content with your followers on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and social mediaplatforms.
  4. Encourage your followers to read and share your content
  5. Choose a controversial topic, but be objective as much as you can so that you trigger your readers to air their views. If you’re going to take a side, do it sparingly.
  6. If you’re writing about sports, it is advisable to go for popular sports or league. English Premier League, La Liga and other popular leagues will earn you more readers. Writing about Saudi Arabia League, or Russia League may get you little or no audience in Nigeria.
  7. Avoid defamation in your content in order to scale through the quality control unit.
  8. You can install Grammarly on your device in order to minimize grammatical errors in your content.
  9. Make your content interactive, like asking about your readers’ views at the end.

You’ve published some content and it’s time to get paid, you don’t have to worry about bank delay. Your earnings will automatically be credited into your account.


Payment portal is open on the 28th of every monthMember must leave a minimum of 1,000 HIPcoins after withdrawal and must have above 5,000 HIPcoins to request for withdrawal


Here is the analysis of how Hisparadise pays members for publishing their content on the platform

The following EARNING HOOKS are used for all members

Learn about all our hooks, points and log template to increase your revenue

How To Make N100K Per Month On Hisparadise By Creating Original Content

Hisparadise Payment (Earning Hub)

Points for registration100for becoming a member
Points for anniversary1000for being a member for a year
Points for daily visits5for site visit
Points for viewing a post5for view of your post
Points for publishing contents20for new Post
Points for comments2Approved Comments
Points for referrals (Referring Visitors)5for referring a visitor
Points for referrals (Referring Signups)15Referring Signups
Points for making featured post5for featured post
Points for Trending post (top in last 24 hours)4for trending post
Points for Hot post (top in last 7 days)3for Hot post
Points for Popular post (top in last 30 days)5for Popular post
New Profile Activity1for updating profile
New Profile Avatar Upload1for new avatar
New Profile Cover Upload2for new cover photo
New Friendships2for new friendship
Ending Friendships-2deduction for losing a friend
New Comment2for new comment
Deleted Comment-1deduction for comment removal
Favorite Activity1for adding an activity to favorites
Removing Favorite Activity-1deduction for removing favorite activity
New Private Message1for sending a message
Sending Gift3for sending a gift
Points for Logins2for logging in
Points for Group Creation (add 30 members)20for creating a new group
Group Deletions-10deduction for deleting a group
New Group Avatar Upload2for new group avatar
New Group Cover Upload2for new cover photo
New Forum Topics2for new group topic
New Forum Posts4for new group post
Joining Groups6for joining new group
Leaving Groups-5deduction for leaving group
New Group Post5for new group post
Points for publishing first time post50for publishing first time
Points for publishing Personality quiz10for publishing Personality quiz
Points for publishing Trivia quiz5for publishing Trivia quiz
Points for publishing Poll10for publishing Poll
Points for publishing list5for publishing list
Points for publishing meme5for publishing meme
Points for publishing image3for publishing image
Points for publishing GIF3for publishing GIF
Points for publishing Story10for publishing Story
Points for Site Subscriptions5for site subscription
Points for comment subscription2for comment subscription
Points for Birthday500for birthday
Points for Trashing Posts-5for trashing your posts

To earn, you need to be engaged and build your own brand. JOIN US NOW

How to share posts from Hisparadise to other social media platforms

One of the ways to make your content go viral is to choose a trending topic and to share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social media platforms.

To share your content,

  • Download Hisparadise App or use your browser,
  • Login to the app/web to access your dashboard
  • Click the post you want to share
  • Below every post is a social share button, click it and share

That’s all.

What is the best way to copy and paste your own article on Hisparadise?

Copying and pasting articles on the hub is not allowed. If you republish your old post as a fresh article, you will be caught and be penalized.

Hisparadise Hub encourages fresh and interesting content, so, steer clear of publishing plagiarized and old content that has no new angle.

Does Hisparadise allow creators to do affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing isn’t not allowed on Hisparadise Hub, such content will be treated as advertisement.

How to contact Hisparadise Support Centre:

The channel is active on social media in case you encounter an issue in the course of your registration.

  1. Twitter: @Hisparadise
  2. Facebook: @Hisparadise

When did you start creating content on Hisparadise? Share your experience here

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