How to Get Your Essay Writing Skills to the Next Level
How to Get Your Essay Writing Skills to the Next Level

How to Get Your Essay Writing Skills to the Next Level. Are you interested in leveling up your writing skills so that you can craft prolific and stellar essays? Then read our article word for word because we will share straightforward but valuable advice when it comes to essay writing. 

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Read Essays

You can get into the habit of reading, and specifically, you can get into the habit of reading more essays. There are many sources online, such as:

  • Google Scholar

These sources can let you access thousands of different academic papers in essay format. By doing this, you can access high-level essay papers crafted to perfection. And by observing these types of papers, you can slowly integrate what you learn from reading them.

Clarify Your Writing’s Mission And Purpose 

By clarifying the intent of your writing before writing, it will be easier for you to write coherently and with an aim. You’ll potentially have fewer chances of going off-topic or getting confused when writing. This is because you can always refer back to your main purpose/mission whenever you need to in order to align what you’re writing to that statement. 

You can simply ask yourself these questions, write down your responses somewhere, and assess the central theme of it: 

  • Why are you writing this essay?
  • Who are you writing this essay for? 
  • How can you achieve your intent through your writing? 

By clarifying the ‘Why,’ the ‘Who,’ and the ‘How,’ you’re technically creating an outline for your ideas to develop. It makes it easier for you to write in the end, so use this technique whenever you can. It can be a huge help for leveling up your essay writing.

Ideas And Outlines

Follow these three steps in order for the next step in your essay writing process.

Listing Down Ideas

Collecting relevant ideas that are also intriguing is easy when you have the internet; you can also source from books if you prefer. On the internet, you can check up:

  • Google Scholar
  • Google Trends
  • Semrush Topic Research

These web pages can help you collect interesting ideas to write and develop. And they are but a few. Once you’ve collected enough ideas, you can narrow down your focus to the best few. If your professor has given you a prompt, you can use that to narrow down to the best-fitting topics. 

If they haven’t given you a prompt, then choose topics that interest you the most or topics that you know the most about. 


From your central topic, you can write ideas that come to mind when you think about it. Write them down freely for a few minutes. This is the main point of freewriting. From these ideas, you can extract potential body paragraph content, your thesis statement, and so on. Refer back to your mission/purpose answers so that you can pick out the most relevant ideas from your freewriting.

Freewriting is a great way to expose all of your thoughts on the subject without prejudice. By doing so, you can filter through what you write later without limiting yourself during the process of it. So write first, then filter. 

Develop An Outline

A prolific essay can usually be crafted from a simple outline. Now that you have your ideas ready, you can use an outline in order to know where to place them. Your introduction, thesis, main body paragraphs, and your conclusion can all be included in your draft’s outline.

This can seriously make writing easier as it provides you with structure and organization. It’s a simple but straightforward technique to level up your essay skills. 

Make Sure Your Grammar Is On Point

Make sure your writing uses an active voice. We’ve already mentioned this point countless times in other articles as well, but it’s a crucial element not to forget.

Make sure you do a spell check and use tools to check your writing, such as It can help correct your writing and give you writing suggestions. And also, make sure to write in the present tense for most essays unless you are writing about a point in the past or the future.

Peer Review Your Paper

By letting a professor or an intelligent peer review your paper, they can look at it with a fresh set of eyes and perspective. They might potentially be able to detect errors or faults that you have overlooked. So, try to set enough time aside to let someone else check your paper for you. 

Edit And Rewrite

Search up self-editing techniques online, or use tools that are available on the net to edit your writing and to rewrite any sections that aren’t going to cut it for your final draft. If you really want to achieve excellence and level up your essay writing, you will need to be meticulous with your writing.

You will need to make the extra effort of editing it to the last detail, and you will need to change your writing if it’s needed, even if this means extra work and effort. By pushing yourself to go through this last step, you’re increasing the chances of having a less-flawed paper. 

Final Thoughts

Leveling up your essay-writing skills takes time. Some dedication, but the steps you need to follow in order to achieve this are quite straightforward and uncomplicated, so at the end of the day, it’s really about practice. We hope our tips and techniques will help you achieve this goal in the long run. You only need to apply what you learn here.

Don’t forget to try BuyEssayGo’s services in order to see what a true professional can do with essays. You might learn a lot that can be invaluable to your own writing skills.


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