How I Fell In love With My Private Lesson Tutor Until This Happened

How I Fell In love With My Private Lesson Tutor Until This Happened

How I Fell In love With My Private Lesson Tutor Until This Happened as I was scared it’ll become a reality

“Onyii!!! Remove your clothes and have your bath na. You know that in less than an hour, your lesson teacher will be here to teach you. Quickly remove your uniform so you can bath, eat, rest and then wait for her” “, my mum called out to me.

I had just come back from school, knackered and exhausted from school work which had recently become laborious for us SS3 students. We were prepping for our forthcoming O’level exams as well as the legendary and well feared JAMB which was our ticket into the higher institution to study whatever courses we desired to.
My mum was psyched about these exams and she was one to expect a faultless result, so she got me a lesson tutor to make sure nothing put a dent in the straight A’s I ought to have.

At first, I kicked against it greatly, school stress was too much for me to bear. I came by 6pm every Monday to Wednesday and then by 3pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Saturdays weren’t out of the equation; 10am I’d already be in school for one physics or chemistry practical or the other or even possibly a Math class. My return home would be 4pm or worse.

My mum considered these normal and non-arduous which was why she didn’t give a second thought to my protests of not having a lesson teacher. She told me it was for my own good and that I would thank her for it the moment I scored a 400 out of 400 in my JAMB with a straight 9 A’s in my O’level exams. I scoffed at her reverie.
All of my efforts to get her to change her mind about getting a lesson tutor for me didn’t work as she managed to get my dad on her side.

So, it was finalized. I had no say on the matter anymore. It was a done deal. My lesson tutor was to begin teaching me on Thursdays and Fridays from 4-6pm, taking me on Physics, Chemistry, Math and English.

The first day my private lesson tutor walked into the house, I was stunned. I actually thought she was one of my mum’s business partners and had come to see my mum till my mother introduced her as my private lesson tutor.
“Onyebuchi, this is your private lesson tutor. Her name is Mma and of course I do not need to tell you never to address her by her name directly. Be respectful and try to grasp as she leads you”, my mum had told me that day as well as not leaving out the fact she spent a lot to get Coach Mma as she was one of the best.

I had expected a male but then I got a female instead, a very beautiful one at that. At that moment, I couldn’t wait for our lessons in the study room to begin, not because I badly wanted to learn but because I found a source of joy just looking at her.

She was about 5 feet tall with flawless skin as dark as a bar of chocolate. She always had on very neat long braids that flowed down perfectly inclining to her perfect back protrusion. Her face had little bits of black heads from scars of pimples which didn’t alter her astonishing beauty even in the slightest way. She was just perfect.

And before I knew it, I was already crushing badly on her which I had an Augean time hiding. Asides the fact her physique was impeccable, she was a fantabulous tutor. The way she’d break down very difficult terms for me to understand and calmly repeat or go back and explain so I’d understand when I had confusions was just completely amazing. She was way too smart.

There was never a question I brought to her that she couldn’t solve or attempt and even the ones she wasn’t so sure of, she’d tell me she wasn’t sure and not give herself an omnipotent presence. All of these about her only made me wish she were my age so I could profess my already grown feelings and ask her out on a date but I couldn’t, she was almost six years older than I was.

I always wondered if she had a boyfriend, she never talked about her personal life. She kept it strictly professional which was why I knew telling her about what I felt would do more harm than good.

My feelings for my tutor, Mma, continued to grow drastically as I began to get really attached to her. I found myself sharing details of deepest and darkest secrets with her. She never judged me for anything, she was a profound listener and never imposed her decisions or advice on me, always reminding me that it was my life, my choices and decisions to make.

She and I shared a bond deeper than that of a student-teacher relationship. At least that was how I saw it. I had never been open to anyone the way I was open to her. Something told me that she on her part saw me as her student and nothing more, but to me? She meant a whole lot more.

So, I didn’t waste any more time having my bath as my mum instructed me to. I was specially anticipating her arrival that very day. I had planned to tell her all about my feelings for her and the worst thing that could happen would be for her to turn me down but she just had to know how I felt, she had to hear it from me.

Not long after I had settled down properly and rested for a few minutes and sat waiting for her in the study room where my lessons were held, she walked in.

“Hey dear, I’m sorry I’m late. I had a lot to catch up to. Hope you’re not angry?”, she asked me with curious eyes walking in sweaty
“Oh! It’s fine. I don’t mind. You’re here now, that’s what matters”, I replied back

I could feel tension begin to rise in me. My hands began to sweat badly and shake which she noticed.

“Are you okay?”
“Urmm, yes I think so. I’m just quite tensed”
“Wanna talk about it?”
“I suppose I do”

She walked over to where I was seated and pulled out a chair from the pile there and sat down. I couldn’t help but notice the line of cleavage showing out from her tank top which she rocked with a tight blue Jean trouser that day.

“I have this lady I like”, I began looking closely at her
“Oh wow, someone is in love. Tell me more”, she said amidst giggles and smiles

“She’s dark skinned and very beautiful. Hella smart, very shapeful and nice. I’ve had these feelings for a while now for her but I was scared of telling her because she’s older than I am. Aunty Mma, she is you. I’ve been crushing on you for quite a long time now. You’ve been so nice to me and you’re the best tutor anyone could ask for. I know this is not appropriate but… “

” Stop! It’s okay. I know. You needn’t say it. I already know. You’re terrible at hiding your feelings. You’re a good boy, Onyebuchi. If there were chances that what you want from me be actualized, I could consider it”

“Are you saying you like me too…?”
“I didn’t say that and I don’t hate you either. Rather, there’s something I have to tell you as well”

She turned to her left and brought out a document which she handed over to me.

“I didn’t come to teach you because of the pay, I’m actually your tutor because it was all planned. I had help with few trusted friends. I recently discovered your father is my father too. It’s a long story which I won’t go into. The document in your hand is a DNA test that proves it.

Being in your house gave me access to get what I needed for the test, I’m sorry you had to fall in love with me. It wasn’t planned. I only wanted answers to why your father left my mum after she had me twenty five years ago “
” Wait, Anty what are you saying…? “

” This is the part where you ask your dad who Ekemma Nwigwe is. We’re done for today. I’ll tell you more tomorrow. You’re in no state to learn anything new right now. I understand your shock but try to stay calm”

Before I could say any further thing, she picked up her bag and walked out. This was all difficult for me to process. If she was right…. Then, I wasn’t just inlove with my tutor. I was in love with my sister!

How did all these happen? I never pictured my dad to be an unfaithful man, he was a good father to me. With what she said, does it mean my mum was his mistress? Did he really abandon Mma’s mum?

A million and one questions raced through my mind that very day. I was super restless. The DNA test proved my dad was Anty Mma’s dad too. The confusion and shock in me was out of this world.
I couldn’t wait for her to come the next day so I could ask her more and get more information. But then, she never did.
She walking out of the house that day was the last I saw of her. She never replied to any of my texts and calls nor emails. She ghosted me completely.

Opening my eyes, I realized I had been asleep all these while. Everything was happening in my head. Anty Mma and everything that happened was all in my dream which only made me wonder how long I had slept for.
The doorbell rang, I got up to answer the door.

“Hello, My name is Mma. I’m here to see Mrs Evelyn. I suppose she’s your mum. Is she in?”
“Onyiii, let the person in. That’s your lesson tutor to be”,my mum called out walking down the stairs

Unable to process what was going on. I blacked out completely praying deeply my dream wasn’t about to become reality.


P. S: The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.



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  1. Wonderful story. The twist was amazing.
    I couldn’t stop reading till the end.
    This could be put into motion play you know?. Nollywood πŸ‘

  2. So cool, nice, well detailed, awesome vocabularies and great inspiring story. You’ve got a cute relationship with this exquisite talent of yours. Keep the flag flying high. I’d love to read more of your articles and stories too. I hope you’d publish this as a real novel though. God bless you. AmenπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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