I Slept With My Sister’s Housemaid – Diary of a playboy (episode 1)

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Kenneth Chimezie
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Hello, my name is Mr X and I’m just musing.
Five years back, I was very much in my earliest 30’s. Being a newbie in town, I was temporarily resident at my sister’s 3-bedroom apartment. But I had gone out of town for some in-between.

On my return, I met two extra ladies in the house. One was her old time bestie from secondary school while the other was a housemaid probably about 25.

Although my sis is married with kids; her bestie, who is a couple of years older isn’t. She had always been pained by her pal’s unfortunate stints with men and wished her marital bliss even trying to sell the idea to me a couple of times. Unknown to her though, we had a history that entirely caused me to despise her somewhat.

So, unto this other girl! She was from one of those Northern states of Nigeria that didn’t feel extremely so. My younger sister had gotten her from one of those agencies who provided such people to work.

I was quick to notice her features; supple meat on her bones that would make a cannibal salivate, well formed succulent boobs, bubble butts.

As for her height, she was on the average. In the looks department, she was not going to compete with Agbani Darego in terms of looks, but she wasn’t in the ugly camp either. All I’m just trying so hard to say is that she’s very “f*ck-with-able”.

I was particularly friendly with her as I was with everyone in the apartment and was my nature but it was hard to overlook the endowment she possessed whenever she walked past me. However, there was a problem. Before my return to the house, this lady had been occupying my room.

Although she was no longer sleeping in, it still served as her changing room. Hence, she would come in to change before a bath and return to dress afterwards. But on occasions when she would find me in, she’d simply take her clothes to dress elsewhere.

I wondered why it took my sister a while to address this anomaly. Meanwhile, the girl and I bonded. She would serve my food first after it had been cooked, bringing it to my room since I hardly came out to the living room. Her noodles particularly sucked, but everything else with her was good.

However, I wanted more!

Therefore I took the bull by the horns one night as she stepped into the room clad only in her towel after a bath. I had deliberately put out the light-bulb in order to overwhelm her so as to carry out my crazy plan which was to fuck her in my room with everyone else at home!

To this effect, I grabbed her as she walked in, kissing and nudging her to the bed. Once we had gotten to it in that darkness, I turned her back to me, flipped her towel to expose her fresh but*.

My d*ck would discover her coochie wet and warmly inviting as I introduced them both. She let out a restrained yelp upon penetration followed swiftly by a well-delivered couple of quick strokes.

The sound of my thighs banging against her trampoline-like bumbum and her sweet moans urged me on. It was blind sex because we couldn’t see anything but clouds of ecstasy as we rose stealthily but steadily on the aircraft that is pleasure.

I successfully resisted the tempting to blast my cumload deep into her. She took her clothes and left the room in order to change elsewhere while I covered myself under the duvet ruminating the whole thing.

Subsequently her room was changed but she was soon taken away from the house permanently too for sketchy reasons I couldn’t quite place my hands on.
Low-key I was unhappy to lose a magnificent piece of pussy that fast!

I mean, who wouldn’t? (shrugs).


P. S: The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.



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