How can two people share so much and then became strangers again?

How can two people who shared so much among themselves turns out to become strangers again? Relationship is a crazy thing these days because truth is way behind the foundation of any relationship. When you see couples showing affection and love towards each other you may be tempted to compare such couples with your spouse and the moment you start comparing you lose a part of your happiness.

Do you know how it feels meeting someone for the very first time and then you fall in love with this person, maybe something triggered the attraction you have for this person and you see yourself going crazy for this person and then after sometime you happens to start getting close and there’s this two sided attraction (This may not be love but attraction).

Knowing so much about this person has become part of you and you just want to know more and more and then there’s a deep connection, this connection often comes from one person in most cases and then you start prioritizing this person you so much in love with and all your fantasies are about this most important person in your life. You know how it feels knowing that you guys are so much in love with each other and you people are connected. You play and love each other deeply and then all of a sudden everything disappeared and you are left with nothing, sometimes you try to explain how it happened but no answer, you try to know what went wrong but nothing occurred as to why you guys went separate ways.

I will tell you why it happens and how you can save your relationship from falling into this direction.

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How can two people share so much and then became strangers again?

Attraction is different from love and attraction isn’t a forever thing because there are a lot of factors that triggers it to come into reality but love is something you cannot just explain.

I may want to have a woman not because I love her but because she is beautiful and I know that would boost my ego among my friends, or maybe she is intelligent, smart or whatever but not necessary because I love her. Such relationship will never last as long as the foundation was built on law of attraction and not natural which is love. Love is accepting someone just the way they are, good mood, bad mood, beautiful, ugly, smart or dull.  It is about the ability to make a decision that if it is not this person then no one else. When you love someone base on physical, financial or mentally form of attraction there will be a time when those people might not exhibit such attributes and what happens? You begin to see how imperfect they are, how dull, ugly and annoying they are. This is one of the reasons why two people who shared so much turn out to become strangers again.



Yeah I know you would say how come sex is here, I mean everyone knows about sex right? And all couples do have sex, be it in relationship, courtship and marriage but the truth is , if your relationship was based on how sweet you are on bed either as a man or as a woman then one day you might get tired of your partner and it sucks knowing that a person you once enjoyed having sex with turns out to be the same person who isn’t attracted to you anymore. Sex isn’t everything and in as much as it’s a symbol of attraction, it isn’t a symbol of love in our today society. In a relationship there are times when you will need your partner to help you, support you either mentally, emotionally and financially even career wise and when it happens sex won’t even come into play. That’s why you need to offer a lot in a relationship not just sex and attraction.


How can two people share so much and then became strangers again?

Do you know that 33% of relationships exist because one of the partners decides to choose the other out of rejection they got from other people and because they don’t want to be alone? Yes, that’s true and you won’t know such people but you can always tell by the way they treat you and respect you. To watch out for this you need to pay proper attention to every little details when it comes to their behavior towards you, your friends and family. I once dated a girl because I got rejected by another girl, so I had to go for second choice not because I loved her but because I didn’t know how to handle rejection. I went for another girl and guess what? I broke her heart, which in turns created a big negative hole in my life which took a lot of time to heal from.


How can two people share so much and then became strangers again?

Oh pride, what benefit can you behold when there is so much pride in you? A lot of relationships and marriages are broken today because of pride. Pride is a destroyer of commitment and homes. After our second misunderstanding I called her and ask why she didn’t call to apologize, she said there was nothing to apologize for, I got angry and ended the call and that was it. You learn to say ‘’I’m sorry’’ and don’t allow pride to come in. Well the break up was two sided but the mastermind of our breakup was pride, pride pride pride and pride. Pride can destroy any form of commitment and love. Pride can turn even the best couples into strangers.


How can two people share so much and then became strangers again?

Self-acceptance is accepting yourself just the way you are, and when you fail to accept yourself others will never accept you. The worth and value you place on yourself determines how much people will value you. If you get into a relationship, the worst thing you can do to yourself is to think that your partner is more valuable than you, once you have that mentality your partner will notice it and will take you for granted. This is a decision we cannot control, but we can only control how we placed ourselves in the sight of others.

These are really few reasons why lovers turns out to become strangers, there are a lot of reasons out there.

So ask yourself? I’m I a stranger to him/her? Because you can just be a stranger while in a relationship.

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