How can someone claim to be in love with you but keep breaking your heart? 💔

How can someone claim to be in love with you but keep breaking your heart and you do nothing about it.

The key word here is “claim”.

The easiest way to manipulate somebody is to tell them that you love them. You see, love is tolerant, patient, and kind. Once you think someone loves you, you are more likely to overlook situations that you would not normally tolerate (like for example, having your heart repeatedly broken).

But the truth is that that person lied. They don’t actually love you, it just suits their purpose to tell you that they do.

In my opinion, that person is either manipulative and bad-intended or they are just confused about what they want and keep screwing up. Either way, that person will be able only to have a what I call “sick” relationship, meaning a relationship which is destructive for the other party. You don’t want to be with somebody who is constantly hurting you and making you anxious. You want somebody confident, who truly wants you and loves you in a healthy way.

I was in a similar situation some years ago and I just could not feel peace in my life, my brains were in pieces! When I finally put a stop to it, I felt so much better mentally, and after some time I found the most wonderful guy.

So my advice is to get rid of him, spend some time alone, find your inner peace again, take care of yourself and I promise you you will find that person who will be able to give you the healthy relationship you need to be in!

In reality, the real question is how long are you going to allow someone to claim to be in love with you but keep breaking your heart?

Relationships are not meant to be painful. You deserve better and you absolutely can have better. But the longer it takes for you to realize that for yourself will only be more of your life wasted and less of it being with the one meant for you

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