Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless romantic
you have my head on a swivel
Running in circles like mother Earth on her axis
As beanstalk, I’m on you like swarms of weevil
Inevitability, we’re fated; my necessary evil

Hopeless romantic,
We’re to each other as night to day
Archenemies like scorch is to shade
Antibiotics to bacterium, flame to butter
Salt to wound, pestle on mortar.
I’ll bend with you, bending over you, I’m bent on you. You, no other.

We war each other, fight together, bleed together, heal each other, anguish together, languish as one; perish everyday to live in each other.

Love be our nemesis
Love is mortal pain
Love our cure
Love, the end of us
Love, our resurrector
Love is spirit
Love is you
Love is us

Composer: Kenneth Chimezie

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