Welcome to Hisparadise Earning Hub. Do you know you can earn by reading articles, publishing posts and engaging in our community activities? Yes, it’s very easy but it requires consistency and hardwork. Hisparadise is a community bringing people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs.


HIPcoins is a Hisparadise currency used in measuring how much a member earns. 10,000 HIPcoins is equivalent to N1,000 (naira) and equivalent to $1.50.


Payment portal is open on the 28th of every month, Member must leave a minimum of 10,000 HIPcoins (1,000naira) after withdrawal and must have above 50,000 HIPcoins (5,000naira)to request for withdrawal


Here is the analysis of how Hisparadise pays members for publishing their content on the platform

The following EARNING HOOKS are used for all members

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Hisparadise Payment (Earning Hub)

Points for registration 200 for becoming a member
Points for anniversary 1000 for being a member for a year
Points for daily visits 5 for site visit
Points for viewing a post 5 for view of your post
Points for publishing contents 20 for new Post
Points for comments 2 Approved Comments
Points for referrals (Referring Visitors) 5 for referring a visitor
Points for referrals (Referring Signups) 15 Referring Signups
Points for making featured post 5 for featured post
Points for Trending post (top in last 24 hours) 40 for trending post
Points for Hot post (top in last 7 days) 30 for Hot post
Points for Popular post (top in last 30 days) 50 for Popular post
New Profile Activity 1 for updating profile
New Profile Avatar Upload 1 for new avatar
New Profile Cover Upload 2 for new cover photo
New Friendships 2 for new friendship
Ending Friendships -2 deduction for losing a friend
New Comment 2 for new comment
Deleted Comment -1 deduction for comment removal
Favorite Activity 1 for adding an activity to favorites
Removing Favorite Activity -1 deduction for removing favorite activity
New Private Message 1 for sending a message
Sending Gift 3 for sending a gift
Points for Logins 2 for logging in
Points for Group Creation (add 30 members) 20 for creating a new group
Group Deletions -10 deduction for deleting a group
New Group Avatar Upload 2 for new group avatar
New Group Cover Upload 2 for new cover photo
New Forum Topics 2 for new group topic
New Forum Posts 4 for new group post
Joining Groups 6 for joining new group
Leaving Groups -5 deduction for leaving group
New Group Post 5 for new group post
Points for publishing first time post 50 for publishing first time
Points for publishing Personality quiz 10 for publishing Personality quiz
Points for publishing Trivia quiz 5 for publishing Trivia quiz
Points for publishing Poll 10 for publishing Poll
Points for publishing list 5 for publishing list
Points for publishing meme 5 for publishing meme
Points for publishing image 3 for publishing image
Points for publishing GIF 3 for publishing GIF
Points for publishing Story 10 for publishing Story
Points for Site Subscriptions 5 for site subscription
Points for comment subscription 2 for comment subscription
Points for Birthday 500 for birthday
Points for Trashing Posts -5 for trashing your posts

To earn, you need to be engaged and build your own brand.