Here is Why You Need A Best Friend

Friendships are life assets and are so important.

It is not always okay to be alone. We all need a little help sometimes that only humans can offer. Having a friend or best friend in your life is one of the best feelings ever. Great friendship validates your existence and boosts self-esteem. I’ll explain better on this as you read on.

Before I proceed, I’ll like to give my say in an interview I watched. This celebrity was asked about how she achieved so much in life with all the success, she responded that it was all her doings. All she needed was God and herself, no friends. She concluded that she is self-made. I thought about her response and didn’t entirely agree with it because it’s not all about that. Now, this is not to negate her response but to correct a myth — No one is self-made.

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In this context, I’m facing a real-life setting, the physical world. Of course, God helped her, but he is not human. Humans need fellow humans to survive and exist. It’s a simple fact. Even God had company when he was creating the universe, he said: “let’s create in our image”.

Friends are so important. Friendship is a beautiful thing. The anatomy of Great Friendship is a little sophisticated but worth it with the right people. Having a best friend is a choice and it’s okay if you don’t have one but the need for true friends is inevitable. I’ll give you one reason why you do need a best friend.

Humans often seek validation.

You might hate to accept it but it’s not a bad thing. You always want to look like you know what we are doing, then look for assurance or even a support system. That is one thing you cannot give yourself 100%… Scratch that, 60% even. This is where the benefits of great friends come in.

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Cheerleading is more appreciated when it comes from someone you consider your buddy. Knowing that someone has your back dramatically makes you feel good about yourself and boosts your self-esteem. Friends push you to do better.

This is not the only reason why you should have a best friend or friends but it’s a salient one. The benefits are numerous and the positive effects are evident. I feel that friendships are what everyone should try. You should always have someone you share a bond with at any moment in your life.

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Having meaningful friendships is an asset in life but in some episodes, you might find yourself without any close friends. If this is your current situation, it is normal. You can practice being comfortable alone but do not disregard making friends or interacting socially. It’s worth a while.

The scientific approach

1n 2016, researchers found evidence of the release of oxytocin in primate brains during social interactions; and later that year, psychologists conducted a study that suggested levels of pain tolerance can predict how many friends someone has.

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Even scientifically, friendships are proven to increase life span and reduces the risk of some ailments and health conditions.

I’ll take a bow by leaving you a fun fact:

Friendship related emotions are the first babies recognize even before they start walking or talking. Infants understand sympathy and can tell if you are a friend or not. They know when you are happy or sad, it’s an inbuilt trait in them.
Then, a quote by Ethel Barrymore:

“The best time to make friends is when you don’t need them”.

We are created to coexist and interact socially. In anything you do, do not hold back from making friends. It’s a great feeling.



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