He Took Advantage of Me

My name is Lois. I live with my parents. My family moves a lot because of the nature of my dad’s job. He is a football coach. Town to Town, City to City, it was a never-ending circle. This is the fifth time we are moving in 10 years.
As the only child of my parents, I never had it easy, having to change schools every time as a
result, moving to a new place, leaving my old friends with whom I would have just been getting used to. It was heartbreaking.

I know I have a problem adjusting to a new place, everyone seems to be nice but you don’t know who they are. it’s always difficult for me to sift through the good ones and the not so good ones when trying to make new friends in a new place.

The first three times we moved that I can remember, was tough on me. The most painful one was when I had to leave Jewel my best friend, I cried all night before the day. we were so close and spent a whole lot of time together. She was my neighbor, friend, sister and confidant. she was anything and everything. I wanted her to be, my parents struggled to console me, but I didn’t listen to anything they had to say. “We would come to visit Jewel sometime”, mom said. I cried, even more, when I heard that, I couldn’t bear seeing Jewel on just occasional visits.

Years have passed, ever simple that time and moving to new cities or towns is no longer as painful as it was when I was younger. I know better now and I have become used to it. The only problem I have now, though, is the fact that I have to change schools every time we moved.

Last two years, we moved to Austria and I met a guy, he was nice and cool and stuff. Then came that shocker, not too long after we started dating. We moved again. It was devastating for me. That relationship like most long-distance relationships didn’t work.

This year we moved to Mexico. My Mom searched for a good school, which I was enrolled. That was the beginning of another chapter in my life.

As I waited eagerly to resume, school the first day in a new school was really scary for me. I don’t know how my new colleagues will welcome me, it is a scary place for a teenage girl with no brothers, I thought. As my mom always taught me, the first impression always matters. I was determined not to screw things up this time around.

Way before the first day, I had already prepared the dress and shoes. I was to wear bags, makeup, hairstyle. All were predetermined before resumption. I didn’t have such a nice experience the last time around, so I was scared this time.

It is a Monday, my first day at school. I had my hair done nicely by my mom and I was looking
smart and beautiful, “Yes I was looking really beautiful”. No one needed to tell me that, I knew it by just staring at my mom’s aged mirror.

When my dad dropped me off at school, everyone seemed to be staring at me, I almost missed my step as I followed the directives given to me by my dad to locate my class.

The school was really big and I was lost in less than five minutes. So I needed to ask questions. When I turned I saw a boy; he was also a student. “Hello”, I said. “Hi, how may I help you? He replied after a minute or two conversing, he took me to my class. That was the first person I talked to in the school, his name was Solomon.

Solomon was a pretty boy a senior in the school, his eyes blew, his chest broad and his
skin beautiful. He gave me goosebumps and I couldn’t help thinking about him when I got home after my first day. My mom saw that I was a little off, she saw that I wasn’t minding the lunch I
was served.

“What’s wrong”? She inquired. “Nothing”, I
replied. I liked Solomon but I couldn’t tell my mom that I liked a guy on my first day at school.

Solomon and I started texting and within a short time, Solomon started wooing me, he was flirting with me whenever he met me at school.

We sat at the same table during lunch hours. His friends were singing his praises, telling me how nice Solomon was to have as a boyfriend.

It was weird, I knew they were just trying to convince me to date him. Although I liked him too, I thought the pace at which everything was moving was too fast.

One day, I went to a school party and Solomon asked me to take a walk with him, I did. And soon, we came to a lonely road, he told me how much he loved and admired me. That night he had a certain glow in his eyes and chanting, really all my defenses were down, I was vulnerable. Solomon moved closer, held my hand then my waist, then he kissed me I liked the kiss, but then I was nervous and pushed him away. He came closer again and this time I couldn’t do anything because his grip was firmer that night.

That sorry night, I lost my virginity, I cried because I wasn’t ready but Solomon had his way with me, all the same. I was young and naive and perhaps he was a master of his game and has done that with many other girls in the past.
On getting home from the party my Mom saw my state and knew what had happened even without me telling. She reported the case to the school authority and Solomon was duly punished for his actions towards me. Solomon and I never spoke again afterwards.

I couldn’t wait for the next time we would have to move. It was an experience I couldn’t wait to forget.
Anyways, I have now learned my lesson; never to hide things from my mom anymore. she’s in the position to give me counsel and guidance, It was a lesson I learned sorely.

What do you think about the school authority’s reaction to what Solomon did to me?

Pls comment below.


P. S: The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

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