Family love against addiction

“If I win the Champions League, you stop alcohol and drugs!”

As well as being one of the greatest footballers in history. Cristiano Ronaldo puts a lot of importance on his family. The Portuguese star is extremely close to his oldest brother, Hugo. He even saved his big brother’s life!

In 2014, Hugo was going through a very difficult period. Teetering on the edge, his day to day life was impacted by the alcohol and drugs he was taking. His life was clearly in danger.

Not able to cope seeing his brother in such a state, CR7 decided to act. He made a deal with him, if he wins the Champions League, Hugo has to definitively give up alcohol and drugs. A huge challenge for the two men and an extra pressure for Cristiano, who wasn’t just trying to win the competition for himself but for the good of his brother.

But you know what Ronaldo does to pressure, he turns it into a form of motivation! That year, the Portuguese star won the Champions League with Real Madrid following an intense game against AtlĂ©tico. At the end of the match, CR7 ran up to his brother and hugged him, whispering to him: “Now it’s your turn.”

Hugo also kept his promise and no longer drinks alcohol or takes drugs. His brother even paid for his treatment. On that day, the younger brother became an inspiration for his older brother. 🙌

This story is to inspire those who feel they can’t do anything for their family. Family is number one before anyone.

This is one’s story (Cristiano Ronaldo and his elderly brother Hugo

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