Effective Ways Of Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy (5 Ways)

Unwanted pregnancies are pregnancies that are complicated, accidental, or undesirable at the hour of origination — and are more common than you may suspect.

In 2012, one of every four pregnancies was ended, which added up to 10,960 fetus removals. Besides, a recent report by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital’s Clinic for Adolescent Pregnancy uncovered that almost one out of three young ladies had progressive pregnancies before the age of 21.

Accidental pregnancies can occur for some reasons — mishaps, crises, inconsiderateness, and as far as some might be concerned, even the absence of sexual instruction.

Besides young pregnancies, the subject of safe sex is as yet pertinent, regardless of whether you essentially need to teach yourself on its significance! Here’s the beginning and end you should think about the essentials of safe sex, particularly in case you’re physically dynamic and realize you’re not prepared to have a child.

Reasons For Unwanted Pregnancy

To guarantee safe sex, and plan for when (or then again if) you need to get pregnant, it’ll be helpful to initially comprehend the possible reasons for accidental pregnancies.

1. Deception on generation

Numerous who have experienced Singapore’s schooling framework would realize that our Ministry of Education (MOE) values a restraint-based methodology. However, as a general rule, safe sex isn’t just about swearing off sex!

At the point when sex schooling falls flat, many individuals – particularly youth – go to grown-up films to discover replies about sex, which is harmful because they structure unfortunate discernments like dangerous sex.

In 2018, a review by AWARE uncovered that numerous young people were uncertain of or had falsehood on pregnancy, types of contraceptives, and condom utilization.

2. Mishaps or inadequate conception prevention

Even though anti-conception medication can assist with forestalling pregnancy, it will not benefit you in any way in case you’re not taking it on schedule or transforming it on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, conception prevention strategies, in any event, when utilized effectively, can fall flat. Internationally, an expected 33 million accidental pregnancies are the aftereffect of wrong use or prophylactic disappointment.

Generally, the beat technique (avoiding sex just during your most fruitful days) and the withdrawal (pull out) strategy are the most un-viable strategies for anti-conception medication. They’re less dependable predominantly because they include factors that are hard to control. For example, pre-cum might contain sperm, and regardless of whether your accomplice pulls out every time, there’s as yet a higher possibility of pregnancy. Also, only one oversight can bring about pregnancy.

Likewise, albeit male condoms are effectively open and deal security against physically sent diseases (STIs), they’re just with regards to 85% successful, in actuality, conditions for pregnancy avoidance (one of the least) as there is a danger of condoms tearing and breaking during sex.

3. No conception prevention was utilized

Easygoing, in-the-second sort of sex can be fun and agreeable. The other side is, without conception prevention, this presents the most elevated shot at getting pregnant and in any event, communicating or contracting STIs.

Investigations have discovered that among couples who have ordinary sex without contraception, 84% get pregnant within a year and 92% within two years. Individual inclination, absence of admittance to anti-conception medication, or social and strict standards and convictions are on the whole explanations behind not utilizing contraception; in any case, couples who are rich and oftentimes have intercourse ought to be ready for the moderately high chance of pregnancy.

4. Non-consensual sex

Non-consensual sex happens when assent (settling on a functioning decision to consent to a sexual experience) isn’t given, removed, or you are constrained or sincerely compelled to accomplish something sexual.

A new 2020 review by AWARE uncovered that albeit numerous youngsters in Singapore can perceive assent from an outsider point of view, they will, in general, re-think themselves with regards to their encounters and many might feel reluctant to turn down an accomplice’s advances since they would prefer not to offend them or ruin the relationship.

Sexual compulsion is related to undesirable pregnancies and STIs with noteworthy perilous early terminations and expanded maternal dreariness and mortality.

Effective Ways Of Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy

1. Research your alternatives

Try not to be reluctant to assume liability for your security about your sexual wellbeing. You should face potential challenges like utilizing condoms to forestall STIs and hormonal contraception to forestall accidental pregnancies.

Hormonal contraceptives have a lot higher achievement rates since, supposing that utilized appropriately, they’re essentially almost 100% successful at forestalling pregnancies! There are many sorts you can browse, going from anti-conception medication pills and patches to vaginal rings. With regards to contraception, you have alternatives and, far superior, there are no awful choices!

Can’t understand your alternatives? Address a sex-positive and without judgment, specialist using a tele-counsel about your alternatives and get a customized remedy that will turn out best for yourself as well as your wellbeing needs.

2. Speak with your partner(s)

Conception prevention is a common (and huge) obligation regarding all interested parties. Regardless of whether it’s pregnancy, STIs, or how you feel while on various conception prevention strategies, you and your accomplice share the experience. So why not ensure the outcome is what you both need and expect, by having the Talk before hitting the sheets?

3. Emergency contraception as your arrangement B

Became involved with the warmth existing apart from everything else? Essentially disregarded assurance? Never anticipated that your trusty condom should come up short on you?

Mishaps occur, and that is the thing that Emergency contraception (EC) is for! Otherwise called a next-day contraceptive, you take it to forestall pregnancy on the off chance that you’ve had intercourse without prophylactic assurance. The pill will then, at that point, work to forestall or postpone your ovaries from delivering an egg (ovulation). As it just works as long as 120 hours (5 days) after unprotected sex, it ought to be taken as quickly as time permits.

Be that as it may, EC shouldn’t be utilized as a drawn-out contraception strategy as it doesn’t shield you from pregnancy in future sexual experiences. All things being equal, it’s utilized as backup contraception to forestall pregnancy when:

Contraception fizzled (for example condom broke, missed contraception pill)

No contraception utilized during sex

Constrained into unprotected sex

4. Go without sex

This may be a horrible choice however hello, it’s most certainly 100% powerful for both pregnancy and STI avoidance. If you at any point result in these present circumstances choice, it’ll help to impart your sentiments to your accomplice so both of you are pleasant and comprehension of the circumstance.

5. Vasectomy

In the male reproductive organ, there is a tubelike design known as the Vasdiference, it is a cylinder that transports the original liquid to the urethra of the men.

Vasectomy is a strategy where the Vasdiference will be hindered, forestall the entry of original liquid to the urethra. It additionally keeps the sperm from going through the private piece of a lady.

This is additionally one of the best approaches to forestall undesirable pregnancy.


This is not medical advice. Visit the nearby health facility after unprotected sex or when you show symptoms of pregnancy

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