ENSLAVED TO MY EMOTIONS – Emotional Imprisonment (eBook)

In 2018 I wanted to commit suicide after my NYSC, reasons? Because of my emotions, I had hernia and appendix at the same time and I was hawking garnished chicken gizzard in the street of Asaba in Delta State for survival due to lack of job opportunity and tribalism. I was completely depressed because of what I was going through that moment so I wanted to give up after going through emotional slavery and imprisonment, I knew I had a purpose on earth but my emotions wouldn’t let me recognize that purpose, I was strong on the outside but emotionally imprisoned on the inside. I have taken time to expose this hidden story in this eBook and how I was able to control my emotions and live a beautiful life.

Many of the thoughts in this eBook were originally presented in several seminars series I taught on the subject of emotions and depression and letting go of the past.

Through my website (hisparadise.com) I made it clear to my clients each time am counseling them that the purpose of my this eBook was not to teach them how to get rid of emotions because it’s impossible but you can learn how to manage your emotions and set yourself free from emotional imprisonment.

As I told them, nobody will ever reach the place of not having emotions. Nobody will ever reach a point in life of not experiencing a wide variety of feelings.

No matter how hard you and I may try, we will always have to deal with the emotion of anger, jealousy, fear, depression, which causes many people a lot of guilt and condemnation. The reason is because they have the false idea that as a Christian or Muslim we are never to get angry.

When we get angry, the only thing we shouldn’t do is allowing our emotions to get rid of us, instead we should learn to manage and control our emotions in the proper way.

It seems that the majority of people are either emotional on emotionless. What is really needed is balance – the ability to show emotions when they are positive and helpful, and to control emotions when they are negative and destructive.

I know what I went through so I wouldn’t want others to go through the same thing that’s why I decided to create a solution to this imprisonment called ‘’emotions’’.  If I had committed suicide I wouldn’t be here providing this solution.

Don’t let it slip off, grab this opportunity NOW.


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