Do Social Media Influence Students And Teenagers Positively?

The Internet can be a weird place, and social media is only getting weirder as more and more people begin to gain access. It is a market square, a playground, a courtroom and any other setting you can think of. Money is made, connections are gotten, publicity is made, friendships and relationships are built and the list goes on and on.

Do you know that Facebook boasts a whopping 2.375 billion users daily? That’s a lot and it is overwhelming. The social media changes everyday like most people do not even remember how life was before social media. The world today is a global village without a doubt.

Many psychologists are worried about the identity crisis that the present generation faces. The lives of people especially students are greatly influenced by what is posted by other people. Having said that, how do these media networks influence the lives of students and teenagers? How does it affect education? Does it influence positively or negatively?

The social media has become a significant factor in a student’s day to day routine. 78% of students spend an average of three to five hours daily on the media, scrolling through the news-feed and chatting. To state the truth, social media can be a tool for personal discovery and development and also a platform for great opportunities.

Here are some of the positive effects of social media on students:

1) An Outlet for creativity:

Most students get inspiration from stories they read or what they see on the media and try to imitate the good ones. By doing so, they explore and discover hidden talents or potentials in them, thereby being creative in some aspects. For instance, looking at the viral TikTok videos made, some students try to imitate and see they act well. Others include online cooking, writing and makeup classes.

2) Relationship Building:

Humans are social animals and often love to interact. Students get to know each other more and better. It brings them together to solve common life problems together even when they are not physically around. It also helps students to hang out and keep in touch even when their lives are busy.

3)Easier Learning and Research Capabilities:

You can agree with me that the educational system of the ’90s is different from the present. A lot changed, students get ebooks anywhere and share through the media. Most students now create WhatsApp groups to study and enhanced learning. They also engage in critical thinking and good logical arguments.

4) Improves Self-Confidence:

Social media is serving as a source for boosting or building self-confidence in the students it makes them feel better and good about themselves. The number of likes, shares, and comments of approval they receive enhances their quality to feel good about themselves. This can motivate them to be comfortable and feel good about their looks.

5) Serves as a Source of Income:

I can bet that everyone has not less than five small market entrepreneurs on their contact list. These people are mostly students. They advertise their business on WhatsApp, Facebook etc and are making good sales daily selling their products through dissimilar social media pages and groups.

In Conclusion,

Social Media is a benefit for students because they utilize it for all the productive purposes like entertainment, education etc. It’s important to note that exposure to media is not always bad. Media at large can have a positive impact on teenage behavior but remember, it depends on the quality of content the student engages in.



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