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About Counseling

What You Need To Know About Relationship Counseling

Many people believe that you should only seek relationship counseling or book for counseling when separation or divorce are looming. But that is often too little, too late. Relationship therapy should begin as soon as the problems get in the way of your daily life. Remember that there are no wrong reasons to seek relationship counseling. Some couples start therapy as soon as they are married, even without obvious problems, to prevent serious problems from developing.


Counseling is often provided by professionals over the course of just a few short sessions. The number of sessions varies according to each couple’s needs. A typical session involves Counselors asking couples to do a variety of activities and exercises. Couples complete activities together and separately to learn how well they function together. Counselors can help you become a better communicator, develop strong relationship skills, and improve your family’s happiness.

Here are some signs that you need Counseling

1. You have trouble expressing your feelings to one another
2. You have one or more unsolvable disagreement
3. There is withdrawal, criticism, or contempt in your interactions
4. A stressful event has shaken your daily life
5. You have trouble making decisions together
6. You experienced infidelity, addiction, or potential abuse
7. You want a stronger relationship

Steps To Take

Step 1

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Step Two
Display Honesty

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Step Three

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Why Choose Us?

Do we charge for counseling? does not charge clients for counseling, all you need to do is sign up and become our member

Relationship with client

We keep close relationship with our clients and all information sent to us are stored in a safe place, we don’t sell your information

How long will the session last?

Relationship counseling will depends solely on you counselor and you. In most cases your counselor may want to extend your session depending on your situation. The extension will be between you and your coach

Can I always come back for counseling?

Yes you can always come back for counseling and start a new session, your counselor might be different except you want us to pair you up with your previous counselor.

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