As A Woman You Should Never Ever Have to Do This for Love

As A Woman You Should Never Ever Have to Do This for Love

As A Woman You Should Never Ever Have to Do Certain Things for Love because a mature relationship requires a healthy dose of sacrifice and compromise, but too much of that and you could lose sight of who you really are. After all, your partner fell for you and not a version of you who made a billion little tweaks and now only slightly resembles you. No matter how much you love someone, there’s nothing wrong with putting your foot down every once in a while and taking your stand by saying NO to certain decisions.

As A Woman You Should Never Ever Have to pierce your skin for love. Since when does proving your love require needles and permanent ink? We get that your love is supposed to be just as long lasting as the tattoo, but come on, let’s just have some good faith and keep the branding to a minimum.


As A Woman You Should Never Ever Have to pay all the time. I know you are a Woman who can support yourself, but that doesn’t mean you have to support your date every single time you go out. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s nice to be wined and dined every once in a while.

As A Woman You Should Never Ever Have to do weird sexual stuffs Unless you want to. Hey, experimenting is awesome and clutch in any good sex life, but if you’re so not into something, speak up.

As A Woman You Should Never Ever Have to pretend that you have a perfect body. We get that it seems gross at first, but eventually every couple has to get used to the not-so-sexy side of your body. He can’t expect you to hold that in all night every night for the rest of your life! That’s how you get a stomachache…

As the Spice Girls once said, “If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends.” In the first few months you may want to spend every waking moment together, but after that, it’s important to make sure you’re both still logging time with your friends. And if he’s not a fan of your crazy partying pal from college, well, maybe he can take a rain check the next time you’re seeing her. Hey, it’s not like you like every one of his brothers.

This is what usually happens when you get too comfortable with someone – you simply stop trying. You stop complimenting them and treating them like they’re someone special. You stop putting time and thought into birthdays, anniversaries, and romantic dates. You stop trying to impress them or make them feel good or show that you love them. Relationships take work, so even if just one person stops trying it will inevitably crash and burn


I love talking and advising my female clients about their emotions because emotions can be deceiving and when you let it control you, it will make you do things you don’t suppose to do and you will see it as love.

That’s why I would advise you to purchase this new book I published on emotions titled “Enslaved to my emotions” you can purchase it here

Don’t let love make you do things that brings in disrespect and ruin your reputation

Whatever I say is just an advise but never a recommendation.

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