Are you in a bad relationship? Here are common signs.

To be honest, being in a bad relationship is something we hardly notice until we are out of it. A bad relationship will negatively affect not just your love life but also every other aspect of your life ranging from your friendship, finance to your career. A bad relationship can make you feel dejected or sad for no reason. Now, before I talk about some common signs of a bad relationship let me tell you what a bad relationship is.

What is a bad relationship?

A bad relationship is a relationship when one or both partners choose love over the most important elements of a healthy relationship, which are respect, trust, and honesty. A relationship without respect, trust and honesty is a toxic relationship. We tolerate bad relationship because of many reasons such as love, fear of starting over, fear of what people will say, low self-esteem and so on.  As a human being, when we are in a bad or toxic relationship, we often ignore all the signs in order to protect our love, feelings or emotions for the other person.


Having a healthy relationship is what we all desire as a human being. Hence, it is important to recognize some common signs of a bad relationship. A toxic relationship may come in different forms, but if you really want to know if your relationship is bad and unhealthy, below are some common signs of a bad relationship that you should never ignore.

1. Lack of good and open communication

Common Signs Of A Bad Relationship

When there is no adequate and good communication between the partners i.e. when you don’t talk to each other regularly. That means something is wrong. For a relationship to be healthy, both partners should be able to talk to each other freely and regularly. You should be able to tell your partner when you are upset or hurt. I guess you can’t imagine being in a relationship with someone you hardly talk to; it is bad!

2. Abuse – This could be physical or sexual abuse

Physical abuse in a relationship

A relationship where you are being sexually, physically or emotionally abuse is not a healthy relationship. It is not advisable to stay in a relationship where one partner turns the other partner to punch bag or where you are being sexually abused. Such abuse will not only affect your love life but also other important aspects of your life such as health, finance, career and so on.

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3. Conflict with no resolution

Conflict is inevitable whenever there are two or more people. As a human being, we are prone to have argument and misunderstanding but this should not be persistence. For a relationship to be healthy, each partner must learn how to express himself/herself without leading to unnecessary argument or misunderstanding. Also, there must be a quick resolution whenever there is a conflict between the partners.

4. Extreme Jealousy

couple fighting

Being jealous is normal but it must not be too much to the extent that you always get pissed off whenever your partner talks, touches, calls, or hangs out with another person. That’s why I wrote on how jealousy can kill or destroy relationship.  A situation where there is no trust between the partners often leads to some spying behaviours such as checking your partner’s chats, calls and text messages when they are not around or at times showing up unannounced. All these are not good for a healthy relationship.

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5. You Don’t Feel Like A Priority

Are you your partner’s first priority or you are just an option? If your partner does not see you as one of the most important parts of his/her life then you are probably in a relationship where you don’t feel like a priority to your partner. In a healthy relationship, you should be your partner’s priority.

6. If You Are Forced To Do Something Against Your Will

Everyone should have the right to his/her own decision in a healthy relationship. If you are in a relationship where you often do things you don’t want to do just because your partner want it or because you want to make him/her happy; it is a sign of a bad relationship. Imagine you can’t even eat the food of your choice just because he/she doesn’t like it.

7. You Always Feel Sad Or Unhappy Whenever You Are With Him/Her

Common Signs Of A Bad RelationshipIf you are not always happy whenever you are with your partner, then it is not a good idea to spend your lifetime with such a person. It is not a matter of how long you have been with him/her or what people would think if you break up. What matter most is your happiness. If you don’t feel happy, comfortable, and loved in your relationship, then you may be with the wrong person. Feeling sad is one of the signs of bad relationships that should never ignore.

A healthy relationship should bring happiness, not sadness. In a healthy relationship, your goal is to make each other happy.

8. You And Your Partner Have Different Goals

In a healthy relationship, partners should have similar goals; they should be working in the same direction. A relationship where partners have different goals will lack commitment and focus. It means you are not heading in the same direction. However, having different goals does not mean you should not be together but it means both of you need to align yourselves toward the same goals.

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If you are seeing some these signs in your relationship, it is an indication for you to check yourself whether you are with the right person or not.

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