After Doing The Weirdest Thing For Love And This Is What I Got

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It was my teenage years. A good guy not falling into the handsome side either. I fell for a girl and she fell for me later but this story is more of the bitter part. The girl I loved was with her abusive ex whom I fought with, for her and it was the last I saw of him.

We were in love for 6 months. Proposed to each other, loved each other and all of a sudden she told me that one of our friends that we used to hangout with loves me deeply and is not able to tell me. I thought about it and started to maintain distance with the third wheel of my love life.

Soon after, my love realised and asked me that I should propose to her best friend, the third wheel. It was a shock to me. I hated the idea of loving someone else. At least, not her best friend. We stopped talking for weeks, but literally I was dying to talk to her. Like literally begging her not to do this shit to me.

The one thing that was on her mouth was, you are the first person who she has loved and she doesn’t want to break her best friend’s heart. So she told me if I wanted to meet her, I should propose to her best friend. I thought about it for a week and my love was so strong for her that I gave up and at the age of 19 I wasn’t that intellectual either so just proposed to the third wheel of my love life.

Soon, it all started- what I hated. The third wheel was doing a night shift and I was literally trying my best to make myself love her and to maintain distance from the girl I loved. But my love texted me everyday and I couldn’t forget her and third wheel could see the attachment and love too. I just couldn’t leave my love.

Somehow this shit went on for 6 months. I tried my best to fall for third wheel but it wasn’t happening at all and the problem between me and third wheel was that my love was in between and she wasn’t thinking about me. We used to go outside together behind the back of third wheel. My love would kiss me and we had sex too. I would be in heaven that day but, the evening of the day we had sex she would be like nothing happened.

It went for months. 8 months passed by and now I couldn’t take it and I said I’ll leave u both. So my love thought she might be exposed and she leaked our chats to third wheel in such a way that I was the cheater now and it all ended in the worst possible way. There was a fight in the middle of a park where my own love declared me a cheater and slapped me.

It was the most awful thing to have happened to me. I wanted to literally die and didn’t want to do anything. Just end this filthy life. Soon after, it all backfired. At one point, I was thinking I’m not wrong and the moment I was slapped it hit me hard on my ego and I declared myself a cheater in my own way and couldn’t stop thinking how bad I am as a person and all the stuff that my love had said to me.

Nevertheless, after few weeks through some of my common friends I got to know actually my love was with her ex whom she called abusive and they were having a great life and she told her ex that I forced her to love me. It was a shock too. None supported me and none of my friends even texted me for months.

Later on in life I don’t know what happened to her. What happened to the girl who was third wheel was that I apologized to the girl for making her 3rd wheel and felt sorry for all this. Although, I wasn’t responsible for it totally but somehow I was responsible.

As a 19 year old I was too dumb for these things but I had a pure heart . I love that girl till now and I don’t think I will ever be able to forget her but i moved on. I still love to see her but if I see her I might kill her.

Was I the only one who was responsible for all of it ? Yes I’m responsible but I don’t know why I don’t think it as my fault now as third wheel never got attached to me and my love, she’s happy with her ex and one another rich guy.

I still keep an eye on my love but I hate her.




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