We started Hisparadise in 2019 to help people overcome their relationship challenges successfully. We match you with coaches who specialize in areas where you need help, and our coaches provide actionable advice that’s personalized to your situation. We’re available 24/7 for ongoing support along your journey.

Ukeme Johnny

The mission of Hisparadise is to improve relationships, couples and families by using an educational approach resembling therapy to improve communication, perspective, and skills.


We build solid relationship with our clients as all clients are important to us and all problem is being set on a high level of priority.


We make sure we are always there for our clients irrespective of what they want and when they want it.


A counselor, Life coach and a friend who’s ready to listen and provide answers to your questions. His priority is helping people realize their self worth and be strong emotionally. As an editor, contributor, and writer for over 100 online publications Johnnywriter has covered topics related to depression, anxiety, stress, grief, various phobias, relationships and difficult family circumstances. With an understanding that there is never too much information and helpful research about relationship problems in all of its forms, He continues to look for new and creative ways to both start discussions & engage with others about these important topics.

Ukeme Johnny


It has been a highlight in my life to meet with a couple on their first counseling session when their relationship was coming apart and then see their hope come alive as they would gain the insight to understand how to make the relationship work. Usually there was a deep commitment of love for each other, but after so many years of conflict, they no longer liked each other.

It was usually in that second counseling session, that my clients would gain the insight and see the difference between intimate patterns of communication and its associated vulnerability versus the powerful patterns of communication and its associated invulnerability. It’s at that point, when the insight occurred and eyes opened and hope for success was restored, that I realized that I had the best profession in the world. I loved it when I would see them begin to take responsibility for what they had been doing to trigger conflict and to cause the communication to breakdown.

Usually by the third session I would hear reports of how they were practicing the skills and starting to develop confidence that they could be successful resolving a conflict and feeling nurtured and loved at the same time. That’s the moment that brings me such great satisfaction. That is what I love about my work and I’m so excited to share this work with you and to make it available to everyone at no charge.

For many years I wanted to develop a book that would help couples with communication. However it was impossible to convey certain concepts with text. I was limited with my ability to illustrate nonverbal communication. Then in the 90s came the Internet I could combine video with written text to accomplish my work..

This website has provided the perfect synergy of video coupled with the written word to allow my clients and others to access and understand the perspectives and skills they need to improve their relationships. This is my life’s mission, coming true! I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am to offer my years of experience at no charge so that everyone who needs help can find it.

Ukeme Johnnywriter