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8 Things You Must Stop Expecting From Others

      Do you often wish someone’s mindset, attitude, and perception to be aligned with your idealization so that things can work out in peace? Don’t worry, most people do.

      Most of us are let down when our expectations aren’t fulfilled. We expected someone to be something, do something, and when they eventually failed us, we naturally become disappointed. But the most crucial thing is not to expect anything from anyone, only things that you are willing to offer yourself.

       To save yourself from disappointments, here are 8 things you need to stop expecting from others.

1. To be a mind reader.

       It is okay to give a person some hints, but expecting them to read your mind and guess what’s going on in your head is impossible. Besides, we’re not all "professors". If you have some ideas or thoughts or feelings, tell them openly so there won’t be any miscommunication or conflicts between you guys.

2. To accommodate your needs and desires.

       We all can’t have everything. Everyone has their own individual needs and desires. So, it’s unachievable for someone to fulfill your every need and desire. If you want something, it’s better to count on your ability to achieve what you want.

3. Complete freedom from mistakes.

       No one’s perfect. It does not matter how much you care about someone; people will still make mistakes, and it is okay because that’s what makes us human beings. Always remember that nobody is perfect as some failures are inevitable in life.

4. To solve your problems for you.

        It’s unrealistic to rely on someone to solve every problem you have. It’s intelligible that you need someone’s help sometimes, but after all, life is still in your hands. You own the responsibility to figure out solutions on your own. You can seek others for assistance or ideas, but expecting them to solve everything for you will only lead to disappointments. If you really want something done right, the reliable solution is to count on yourself.

5. To give you 100% all the time.

It’s undeniably impossible for anyone to dedicate 100% of their attention and time to you. To avoid disappointment, it is best to not expect too much from others because, there is a higher chance that they inevitably fall short of your expectations. In a relationship, it is expected from both parties to give what they have in order for the bond to work out.

6. To make you feel good all the time.

If you depend on someone to make you feel good and happy all the time, then you are probably setting yourself for a series of disappointments. It is normal to be upset at times because it is part of life, but if you are expecting another person to always cheer you up, understand that your emotions can not be controlled by anyone.

7. To do everything that you want them to do.

There are things that are out of your control–such as what other people decide or think about you. If your loved ones have done something that’s bothering you, don’t jump into conclusions and blame them for it–instead, guide them towards doing the right thing. Everyone deserves a second chance even if they messed up once or twice.

8. To give you what you want even when they don’t agree with it.

Different people have different opinions and interests, and it is difficult to please everyone. People have their own priorities; it’s normal for them to have their own ideas about how things should be done or lived. Expecting someone to concede every time when the other person has a different mindset than yours will only lead to more disappointments. The truth is, not everyone can please one another in everything; as much as we would all like to be in total agreement.

Do you relate with any of the points above? If so, what do you plan to do next? Let us know in the comments.


p dir=”ltr”>Everyone makes mistakes, expecting too much from others can lead to disappointment. Accepting people’s flaws and learning to understand them is a huge leap of supporting one another, or else, you will only put yourself in a position to feel miserable. No one is perfect, no matter how much you love someone, there will always be faults that hinder the relationship. It’s okay for you to not get what you want sometimes because when you start to accept that no one can do everything for you, you are building faith in yourself and strive to get what you want on your own, and simultaneously you are learning to be considerate of others.

Adeniji Tofunmi
content writer
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