7 Tricky Signs That Show You Are Being Friendzoned

7 Tricky Signs That Show You Are Being Friend-zoned

What does the term ‘Friendzone’ mean? Friendzone is a state in which you mean nothing more than a friend to a person you have feelings for, regardless of the gender. In simpler words, you want to convert your friendship into a romantic relationship, but your friend is not on the same page and want things casual between both of you. In such situations, many people get confused about the other person’s feelings as they can seem unclear. To understand if there is a chance or not, keep reading to know about signs that show you are friendzoned. 

7 Tricky Signs That Show You Are Being Friendzoned

Your friends might tease you about not getting the same affection from a friend you are attracted to. This situation is faced by almost everyone and it can leave you in a dilemma at times. Here are 7 signs that show you are being friendzoned:

1. No physical contact 

7 Tricky Signs That Show You Are Being Friendzoned

You are hanging out with each other but there is no sign of physical contact between both of you. If he/she is friendzoning you, then there will be set boundries in every situation. So, no handholding and no sharing the same bottles! Your friend will keep proper distance to make things clear for you. People do this so that they don’t give a wrong impression about anything. Any touch can feel meaningful to a person, so your friend would avoid doing that. 

2. Tries to set you up with someone

If your friend is trying to set you up with someone else, be it another friend or family member, then take a sign that you are being friendzoned. Your friend will keep suggesting you to get involved with someone, because he/she simply doesn’t want anything to happen between you two. Setting you up with someone is one of the most clear signs that this is just a friendship. 

3. Keeps saying that he/she likes you as a friend

Constantly mentioning that he/she likes you just as a friend, is a friendly reminder that you aren’t the one. Talking about your friendly liking is an evident sign of friendzoning. A friend doesn’t need to reassure or keep repeating that they like you as a friend, but in the case of friendzoning, it is a thing. You might be his/her best friend, but he/she would like to keep telling you that. 

4. Invites friends to hangout everytime 

You ask her out for a dinner date and she invites a group of friends to tag along? This is one of the most clear signs of being friendzoned. Your friend will make sure to hangout along with other friends, instead of going on a ‘date’ with you. A romantic space can give birth to affection and feelings, which your friend surely does not want! 

5. Talks to you about other people he/she likes


Talking to you about some other person she likes is also a sign of friendzoning. If she was attracted to you, this wouldn’t have been happening! You keep trying to impress him/her, but if he/she still talks more about his/her crush, then take a sign that you have been friendzoned. This is a transparent way of saying that what you have is just friendship and he/she is interested in someone else. 

6. Calls you for comfort 

Making you feel better about things is something that every friend does. However, if someone is calling you just for comfort or for you to be a crying shoulder, then you are being friendzoned. Just to make themselves feel comfortable and find refuge, he/she is friendzoning you. 

7. You run errands for him/her all the time 

If you are being friendzoned, your friend will make you run a lot of errands. Without caring how you feel, he/she will ask you to do favours all the time. Your friend cares about you, sure, but doesn’t see you romantically. He/she doesn’t see you more than a friend as is not entirely concerned about spending time with you, instead of making you run everywhere alone. 

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