6 Hygiene Habits All Men Must Follow

6 Hygiene Habits All Men Must Follow

The first priority while grooming yourself  is personal hygiene. It is essential to follow certain healthy habits if you want to groom yourself. Thus, it is important to include a few neat and tidy practices in your daily routine. A lot of men are not aware about the importance of cleanliness, while some choose to ignore, which can lead to a unhealthy way of living. Both men and women have different approaches towards hygiene. But, it is a known fact that men are assumed to have less grooming and personal hygiene habits than women.

In a 2010 study by the American Cleaning Institute and the American Microbiology Society, it was found that most of the men do not wash their hands even after eating food, petting an animal, peeing, coughing or sneezing. There might be a chance of  ignoring certain basic hygiene rules in day to day life. During the lockdown, it is the perfect time to check on your personal  hygiene habits as not following these can lead to unimaginable infections. Read this article further to know about the hygiene habits every man should know and follow.

6 Hygiene Habits All Men Must Follow

From fighting body odour to bad breath, there are many personal hygiene habits that should be adopted by everyone. And, every man should understand the importance of personal hygiene and some golden rules to follow for the same are as follows:

1. Don’t delay showering

6 Hygiene Habits All Men Must Follow

Exercise or workout can cause excessive sweating which can be smelly. The body odour can be fought by taking a bath. It is important for all men to not delay showering and take a good bath everyday. Along with bathing, it is also important to maintain oral hygiene to avoid bad breath.

2. Keep your hair neat

Keeping your hair neat is also one of the major factors to follow personal hygiene habits. You should wash your hair with natural products and avoid using chemical shampoo and conditioners. And, do not wash your hair daily as it can weaken them. Two or three times a week is enough for men to wash their hair. In addition, visit the barber regularly and get a hairstyle that suits on your face.

3. Trim your beard regularly

Along with your hair, trimming the beard is also important. If you carry a clean shaved look, then shave your beard once they start turning pricky. Shaving timely can help in preventing rashes as well. Even if you sport a beard in general, trim it  regularly and clean it properly to protect it from dirt that settles down in the roots.

4. Cut your nails

cut nails 6 Hygiene Habits All Men Must Follow

Just like how women take care of their nails, men should also keep their nails clean and short. Long toenails look untidy and are unhealthy too. They can also be embarrassing in social situations or in some cases even in front of your partner. It is also one of the main causes of smelly feet. Make sure to trim the flaps of your skin on the edges of your nails as well. You can use a body lotion to keep them moist and soft.

5. Don’t wear unwashed garments or socks

Some men do not have a regular habit of washing their undergarments and socks everyday. However, it is important to prevent various infections from attacking your body. You can use a good detergent to wash your clothes and undergarments in order to wear fresh ones with fragrance daily. If you wear a pair of socks for too long, the dampness can result in a bad odour.

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6. Maintain sexual hygiene

Sexual hygiene is as sensitive and important for men as women. One must make sure to include sexual hygiene tips in your daily life. Firstly, every man should trim, clean and handle the pubic hair properly. Long hair down there can make you feel uncomfortable. Long hair can also cause excessive sweat, which is unhealthy and infectious. Keep cleaning that area without too many chemicals.

So, these were some hygiene habits that all men out there should follow. However, make sure that you don’t follow these blindly and talk to an expert first, as some things work for certain people with others don’t. Men hygiene tips depend on the individual’s understanding of their bodies. You can think about following the above listed tips on the basis of your own needs. There are many men’s health experts who can guide and instruct you on practicing hygiene habits.

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