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5 Signs You’re not actually in Love

  •        In a world of many sounds, where we are constantly surrounded by people on dates, engagements or weddings; It is natural that we like what they have or desire to have such. We can get into awkward situations by trying to get there or maybe we can try to convince ourselves that we are really in love and thereby trying our possible best to fix ourselves in it without deepness.

However, below are 5 signs you’re not actually in love.

1. You can go for weeks without talking with them.

       If it gets at the end of the day or answers your texts, you don't care if you don't hear from them. You could go with each other days without communication and still feel like you could go on with it. .

        If you prefer their silence to their company, maybe it isn’t really them that you are in love with and it’s time you should look into it

2. You’re consistently venting to others about them

You find yourself constantly criticizing your partner in front of your friends and family. 

It’s natural to want to vent about your frustrations with your partner from time to time, but if that’s all you do, you might not actually. be in love with them.

3. You don’t enjoy being around them anymore.

From movies to important sports matches, parties with friends to family gatherings; you would much rather go alone instead of going with your partner.

There could be several reasons why you do this, perhaps you enjoy your own company because of contradicting perspectives on movies or you support rivals in certain sports. However, if you don’t enjoy being around them at all, you might not actually be in love with them.

4. “I love you” doesn’t feel natural.

When you tell them you love them, more often than not, it may sound like an afterthought and have no meaning at all.

 Maybe you only tell them you love them because your partner says it first, or because you feel obligated since you’ve been dating your partner for a while. However, If those three words aren’t enough, you’re probably not in love.

5. You don’t feel comfortable being honest with them.

There could be a lot about you that your partner is unaware of. It’s not a good sign if you have hidden debts or addictions that you can’t tell the other about. Even if you’re concealing a tiny secret from someone, like you secretly love cheesy movies, it implies you can’t be yourself with them. Sorry, but you’re not actually in love if you can’t tell your partner all of your deepest secrets and be honest about everything with them.

Adeniji Tofunmi
content writer
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