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Do you want to start the life-changing habit of Journaling? Do you want to be able to relate with your inner voice the more? Are you looking for a way to be in more control of your mental state? I can tell you that you are making a good decision in wanting to cultivate this habit. This article gives you five reasons why journaling is good for you.

Before I proceed, let’s talk a little about Journaling.

What is Journaling?

Journaling generally involves the practice of keeping a diary or journal that explores thoughts and feelings surrounding the events of your life.

It’s practically writing down your thoughts and emotions to understand them more clearly. And on the off chance that you battle with anxiety, discouragement, or uneasiness, keeping a diary could be an extraordinary thought. It can assist you to pick up control of your feelings and move forward your mental wellbeing.

I have examined through my favourite quotes about journaling to make sure you are just as inspired as I am. You don’t always need a purpose for journaling. Sometimes you just need to dive right in.

Below is one of my favourite quotes about journaling:

“People who keep journals have life twice”

-Jessamyn West.

A Journal can truly help you to live your best life and this should be a perfect reason you should start. It gives you insight into who you are, who you were and what you can become.

Why Should I keep a Journal?

This above is one question most people ask. Some people see journaling as a boring habit but trust me it is worth trying. It is a life-transforming habit. It makes you a better person.

The benefit of keeping a journal is simply that you can record all of your thoughts in one put anytime ant any place. Whenever a thought comes to your intellect, you’ll pen it down in your journal. You will at that point return to these thoughts afterwards on to shape conclusions or indeed get a new thought! Amazing, right?

5 (Five) Reasons Why Journaling Is Good For You:

It keeps your thoughts organized: Journaling is an interesting tactic to help you organize your thoughts. If random thoughts about a particular situation keep popping up in your head. Take a little time to write them down, with this the relevant one is appreciated more. It never goes wrong with journaling. I can attest to it.

Stress and Anxiety are managed better: Writing on a journal is like talking to a friend. Most writers have developed sort of a close “relationship” with their Journals. When you write out your problems in times of stress, you feel like you just talked to someone and it helps get that burden off your chest. It sounds unreal but is true. Overall, expressing yourself in a journal is a good way to free up any tension that prevents you from feeling happy.

Your Goals are more achievable: One Principle for success is that your goals have to be written down somewhere. The power of writing down your goals is that it sticks to your subconscious mind, you will always think about your goals when you have written them. You can monitor your progress and be motivated to continue. Just think about scratching out an accomplished goal…How sweet!

It improves your writing: If you are looking for a way to improve your skill of writing, journaling is a good idea. When you write your journal every day, your writing skills improve. Just write anything on your mind, no matter how random. That is what journals are for anyways.

It boosts your self-confidence: This is a shocking benefit of keeping a journal. When you write about things like “5 things that make you unique” or you write about a day you felt your happiest, it gives you the affirmation that you are an amazing person. Likewise, in days when you have self-doubt, these writeups when you read them can give you anticipation of better days ahead.

How To Start Writing a Journal:

1. Make up your mind to adapt to this new habit of Journaling.
2. Pick out a book for It.
3. Just write. You can write about anything that comes to your mind. Your thoughts, feelings, anything.
What you can write about in your journal:

Five things you are grateful for ( Morning pages)
Write down your problems and stress.
Write about important events that happen in your life eg your birthday, wedding day, etc.
Write about how your day went (If you want to keep a daily journal).
Five things that make you unique.
Write about important people in your life.
Write your goals/ambitions.
Any random thought in your head you just want to let out.

As a beginner, it is advisable to take things slow. You can start by writing thrice a week then slowly adapt to the habit. It is all worth it in the end.


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