This article will explain the major reasons why many students fail in life after graduating from school. If you are below 60 years of age, then you haven’t failed yet, you have just not realized where you fall short. Perhaps you might be wondering why some of your mates are successful and you are not.

Maybe it’s not your time yet or you keep repeating your mistakes. Without talking about luck, many factors lead to one’s downfall in life. Building mansions and buying expensive cars are not what we term as a success but total life satisfaction wherever you find yourself.

Success can only be defined by the limitations of your goals. While acquiring the finest of material things is termed as a success for some people, it is different for others. It depends on the rate of satisfaction you get from your achievement.

A typical example is a man who lives in a two-bedroom self-contained with his small family. This man has stable government work and a sports car that carries his children to school but he is termed successful by the community. This may be because of the standard of his environment. But in another community, a man owns that same apartment with a car but he is termed unsuccessful because he does not own a lot of business ventures in addition to his work.

5 Reasons Why Many Students Fail In Life After Graduating From School

The perspective of this research and observations are based on developing African countries. This article will give you deep insight into where and how the failure and success of a person starts and how it’s manageable. If you can identify these challenges, then you can start all over again with great hope.

And keep in mind that the beginning of everything hilarious is difficult. Never mistake your beginning for failure.

Below are some reasons for students’ failure and suggestions of a possible solution:

1. Psychological Defect: Many students have failed in life because little memory defects were not checked while they were growing up. A clear example is a student who grows with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHA).

Someone might ask how possible it is to fail in life for having ADHA. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is seen in many students across the globe. It is natural that at a point in life every student experience that due to some reasons. These reasons could be physical, social, or environmental. It’s considered a psychological defect if it becomes serious in a person.

ADHA is simply the inability to pay attention or focus on something at a given time or the lack of focus. This is usually related to academic work. The continuous occurrence of this in a person may result in other complications physically, socially, or mentally.

The gradual growth of ADHA in a person may lead to behavioural defects which in the long run affect a person’s entire life if not checked at an early stage. If a child is not able to focus in class while lessons are ongoing, he or she is likely not to focus on other aspects of life.

In some African settings, almost less than 10% of parents do inquiries about the psychological health of their wards. The process of teaching and learning is not an interest of many African parents but results are expected. Also, many Educational Psychologists have declined in controlling or managing students’ behaviour due to numerous reasons.

Many are those who have failed because they are not able to focus on a particular dimension to achieve results. The repeated action of such behaviour leads to failure.

It is suggested that parents should do inquiries about their child’s psychological well-being often. This is to enable specialists to correct such behaviours before they grow.

5 Reasons Why Many Students Fail In Life After Graduating From School

2. Inability To Make The Right Choice Regarding Field Of Study: Many students fail in life after graduation because of course preference. It has been proven over the years that African Education does not give students a chance to explore different fields and make the right choice. The potentials of many children are not realized until they are out of school or about to finish their tertiary education.

Many go into fields because they feel it’s easy to pass instead of offering a course they wish to pursue. It has been the case of some students in Africa. Many are those with good grades in a field but have no interest in that field.

A conventional example is a situation where many youths after high school enter into Teacher Training Colleges because of its affordability. After graduating, they feel frustrated as it is not their field and may quit.

They begin to spend time looking into other fields. Life becomes a try and error to them. As the saying goes, ‘time waits for no man’. As of now, many people in their 50s are still in search of what they can do to succeed in life.

It is advisable to explore many fields while still young to enable you enough accumulation time. One thing you must keep in mind is that you only fail when you quit. So far as you keep trying, you are not a failure.

3. Environmental and Social Influences: Many students have failed in life because of environmental and social reasons. In some cases, people have accepted that in an environment where many people are lawyers, it is a must to become one. But the fact is that life isn’t structured that way. You only succeed in what you can do best.

Many people are still struggling to be what they are not meant to be, hence retarding their progress. The fear of social stigma is making people fail in life. Some people have weird assumptions about handy work and think it’s a sign of failure which is never true.

Do not forget that the world is built by hands and hands-only shall it be built with. Working in an office is equally important as working in the field.

Many people have skills that can earn them great income but they refuse to work with it because of a public impression. Have you ever wondered why people in such fields are not quitting? It’s a real gold mine but only determined skilled men can enjoy the fruit of their hand.

Look down upon all societal pressure and go into a field if you have the skills and interest. Do not let the environment decide who you become. You must determine what the environment becomes through your impact and effort.

5 Reasons Why Many Students Fail In Life After Graduating From Scho
Man in a mechanic shop [Photo Credit: pixabay]

4. Lack Of Structured Support System: Many students in Africa dwell in the house of failure because of a lack of support by the state. We live on a continent where the state spends huge sums of money to review youth policies often but refuses to release funds for the implementation of such policies.

Many students fail because they lack financial startups. Even if they can find the capital, where to invest the capital for profit becomes another burden.

Aside from financial support, many may have the financial capacity but may still fail. This is simply because there is no proper consultancy system on how to manage one’s resources.

It is suggested that before one takes any risk involving their career, profession, or business, they should consult a reputable firm related to their field for advice.

5. Lack Of Planning: Many students become frustrated in life after graduation due to no or inadequate planning. Some people have all it takes to be successful but fail because of planning.

5 Reasons Why Many Students Fail In Life After Graduating From School

Planning is always the first step of a successful person. To be successful, you have to plan on how to achieve your goals. Setting short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals is a must in planning.

Agendasies must be implemented one after the other without a rush. As a popular adage says, ‘patience move mountains’. Always have a backup in your plan and don’t forget what to do when plan A fails. Try plan B.