29 Guaranteed Signs He Wants to Marry You ❤️

I know you are looking to find that sign that confirms that your man wants to marry you so you won’t have to end up wasting time with the wrong man so I have 29 Guaranteed Signs He Wants to Marry You

Do you feel like you’re ready to move it to the next level and spend the rest of your life with him, but don’t understand why he hasn’t popped the question yet?

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Do you worry that everything feels so right between you, but that there’s something holding him back from proposing to you?

29 Guaranteed Signs He Wants to Marry You

Are you simply wondering if it will ever happen?

If so, keep reading because you’re in the right place and we’ll get into the signs he wants to marry you shortly…

However, the reality is that most women are too busy looking at the positive traits of their man overlooking many other traits.

In doing so, they are completely unaware of possible red flags that they should rule out before even wanting to get married.

READ MORE: 29 Guaranteed Signs He Wants to Marry You ❤️

Some of these red flags may be obvious to all of your girlfriends, yet you are the ONLY one who can’t see them!

He may engage in suspicious behavior at weird times of the day and try to brush it off as “guy” stuff to avoid talking about it and you ignored this.

He might be unusually friendly towards other women and spend a little too much time with them and you feel he is just being friendly.

Maybe he’s not telling you the entire picture when it comes to his job, his finances and his family and his circle.

The first thing you need to do is to find out if your future husband-to-be is going to be unfaithful on unreliable before taking things any further, if you can’t do that then don’t think of marriage with him.

The reality is that a quarter of men have cheated on their partners in one way or the other.

So, let’s start with our outlined self-explanatory signs that he will marry you soon

He Uses The Word “We” Not “I”

When he refers to both of you as “we” rather than “you and me” then this is an indication that he sees you as one rather than two separate entities. While it may seem that this is just a simple pronoun he is using, it is more than that as it tells you how much he is involved and invested in the relationship.

Many married couples use the word “we” when talking about themselves as a couple because they see themselves as a team who make decisions together.

For example, a friend asks your man “do you have any plans for a holiday this year?” and your man responds with “we’re thinking of going to Canada in the summer or move to Abuja ” instead of “I’m thinking of going to Canada or Abuja in the summer”. This shows that he is thinking of you both when answering questions or talking about decisions.

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He Believes In Marriage

When I talked about the signs that he won’t marry you, I highlighted a particular sign that states that he doesn’t believe in marriage. Well, One of the more reassuring signs is that he believes in marriage and hasn’t ever said that he would never get married or has spoken negatively about marriage.

Sometimes this fear can be the biggest hurdle to get around when trying to make a man commit. It is an advantage if your man already believes in marriage, a VERY BIG advantage.

Rising divorce rates and cost of weddings can put a lot of men off the thought of getting married and can’t see the sanctity of marriage. If your man doesn’t have these fears and has either mentioned or hinted that marriage is worth fighting for then you know he believes in it.

I know a lot of men who view marriage as a bit of paper and can’t see the point of it, especially if you are already living together or have kids together and living as a married couple already. If this is the case, you need to remind him that marriage is about a lot more than a piece of paper and remind him of how much it means to you.

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He Doesn’t Get Scared When People Talk About Marriage

A very clear indication as to whether your man believes in marriage and whether he may one day pop the question can be seen in his reaction to other people talking about marriage. With us now being in a world where social media network sites are thriving, talk about weddings is seen almost every day.

If his reaction is “not another wedding” or “I hate all this wedding talk” then he may not be at the point of where he is comfortable at the thought of himself getting married. If his reaction is “if I ever get married, I won’t be this obsessed about it” then you know that he hasn’t ruled out ever getting married. good news for you

If his reaction is “when I get married I won’t be this obsessed about it” then you know he has already thought about it and it is something that he sees in his future… even better news for you.

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He’s Always Relaxed Around You

Having your guy hanging round the house with odd socks on and scruffy stubble isn’t the picture of romance you may have had in mind however he is very comfortable being around you which is a very good sign. Don’t see this behavior as him not caring by letting himself go, it is the complete opposite.

He is so comfortable around you that he doesn’t feel the need to put on a romance act or wear a mask every day. Another sign that he is comfortable with you is if he shows a side to him that even his closest friends don’t know about such as secretly enjoying watching Disney movies Zee world..(smiles)

If your man is this close to you and this relaxed around you, it may be a sign that he sees you as “the one” and will one day pop the question.

You’re Part Of His Family

If he takes you round to see his family all the time, you feel comfortable enough to go to his family’s house on your own, or your name is on all his family party invitations then you know your man and his family see you as part of their family.

If his family has already accepted you in and your man is comfortable with you being around his family, you know that the relationship certainly has a long future ahead.

You will know if his family is comfortable with you if you can carry long conversations with them and are always invited to any family gathering as a permanent fixture next to your man. This is a sure sign that one day being a part of the family will be made official by way of marriage.

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He Talks About The Future With You In It.

Another clear sign that he will one day pop the question is if he talks about the future with you in it. Many men in relationships talk about their future but only when he talks about his future that has you in it, can it be a clear sign that he will one day pop the question.

For example if he says something like “By the time I’m 40, I will be driving around in a Ferrari”, he is just picturing himself in that scenario. If however he says “I can picture us living in a 5 bedroomed detached house in the country” you can take reassurance in it that he sees you in his future plans and that one day should lead to a marriage proposal.

Many men talk about how much they will be earning, what car they will be driving and where in their career they will be but keep a close ear to when he talks about other plans that involve you.

He Talks About Children

However if the conversation came up naturally and he is open about it then you know that he is just as much into the relationship and future as you are.

He Feels Comfortable Sharing

If your man is comfortable enough to open up to you about something that is bothering him or upsetting him then it is a sign that he trusts you and values your opinion and input. Having this level of closeness is a sure sign that he sees you as “the one” and will lead to you walking down the aisle one day.

If he asks for your advice and opinion on helping him make an important decision such as whether he should take a career change or whether he should buy a new car places you as an important part of his life.

As well as sharing his thoughts and decisions, sharing things such as a joint bank account or his car is another good sign that he is comfortable in the relationship and that you are an important part of his life.

He Mentions Weddings And Engagement Things

As the same with talking about kids, if he ever talks about weddings and marriage then you will know he is comfortable about it which is certainly a good sign. If it just comes up in from a thought such as when watching a movie then you will he is comfortable talking about.

If however he asks you a specific question out of the blue such as “what would be the perfect engagement” or “what be our wedding dance song” you know he is planning on proposing either soon or one day in the future.

Knowing that he is thinking of proposing is one thing but knowing when he will propose is something you’re just going to have to wait for. If you catch him snooping in your jewelry box though, the proposal could be imminent.

He’s Being Unusually Excitable

Is your man acting slightly strange or stranger than usual haha? Is he saving up for something but he keeps giving vague answers for what it is he is saving for? Before you start think that he’s up to something bad, consider that he may be up to something good.

You should be able to tell by the way he is acting towards you such as being extra sweet, sensitive and caring.

He may be acting a bit giddy and excitable but won’t tell you what he’s getting himself so worked up about. One of my clients narrated a story, she said

I remember my man had booked us in for a meal after we had got back from holiday and he was getting strangely excited about this meal, like we’d never been on a date before, during the meal he kept going the toilet almost every 5 minutes and was a bit giddy throughout… he proposed that night.

You see? He might be up to something positive.

He’s Hinting At Something

Many men don’t really give off any signs that they have thought about marriage or how they would pop the question and so it can be hard to spot the subtle changes that happen when he is thinking about officially committing.

In this scenario, it may be best to simply ask your man about marriage. Of course don’t come right out with it and propose to him, you can subtly bring it up in conversation to see how comfortable he is talking about it.

His Friends Are Married

It’s not nice to be the first one to do anything and so if none of his friends are married yet, he may feel that there is more time. If however all or most of his friends are married then he may feel like the odd one out and start to consider taking your relationship to the next level.

While his friend are getting married though and he is saying “not another wedding” or moans about going on double dates then you know that even though his friends are married, he still isn’t comfortable about marriage.

If you’re out with his married friends, they may ask about his plans so it is interesting to see how comfortable he is talking about marriage with his friends.

He’s Always Punctual

It may sound a little silly but if your man is on time when he’s picking you up or meeting you somewhere, it means he is serious about you and definitely into you. He won’t leave you hanging around for half an hour waiting for him.

If he is going to be late, he will call and tell you as he respects your feelings and will feel bad for letting you down.

There are plenty of women I have spoken to who have said they wait around for their men to call them back or hate it when they are late for everything. If you’re one of the lucky ones whose man is always on time and never forgets to text or call you back… you’re onto a winner.

He Misses You

A truly good sign that you’re the only one that matters to him is if he misses you when you’re away. If he is very touchy-feely when you return home or if you’ve had a hard day at work and he makes you dinner or gives you a shoulder rub when you get back home, it is a sure sign that has missed you.

You will know if he misses if you’re living apart and he constantly wants to see you and go out for a meal, bowling or to the cinema. However if he constantly calls up at the last minute to cancel plans to see you, it is a sign that he isn’t missing you.

He can still miss you even if you are already living together like when you go on a bachelorette party or a conference weekend with work. You may even want to test whether he misses you by organizing a spa break for you and your mother.

He Doesn’t Gawp At Other Women

There are guys who just couldn’t seem to pay attention when there is another woman in the room. It will absolutely drive you crazy so you might just think all men are the same and shrug it off.

You will know when your man is 100% into you when he stops gawping at other women. You can test this next time you are at a crowded restaurant and see whether his eyes wander or whether they stay glued to you.

By all means, don’t go crazy over it though. If a waitress comes over to serve, just because he looks at her to say what he wants to eat doesn’t mean his eyes are wandering.

He Wants To Live Together

Living together is just as big a commitment as being married is and so if he is eager to buy a house together or asks you to move in with him, you know the relationship is heading in the right direction. There are other big commitments that can solidify a relationship such as getting a dog or opening a joint savings account.

These are big commitments because they are long-lasting. It’s not an easy thing for a man to give up his bachelor pad so when he does, you can rest assure that he is taking the relationship seriously. Think of moving in together like the dress rehearsal for the big day; a big step like this will naturally lead to your guy popping the question.

He Likes Staying In With You

A great sign that he will one day as you to marry him is if he genuinely enjoys having nights in with you. He doesn’t mind skipping a Saturday night out with his friends to be with you because all he needs is you. With him enjoying nights in also shows that he is ready to settle in to a quiet and stable life.

He doesn’t need any other excitement in his life other than you; you are his top priority which is why this is a sign that he will one day marry you.

Your Opinions Matter in Important Decisions

I touched upon it earlier but thought I would add it as one of the signs too. If your man always asks for your advice and opinion on a big decision, you know he values what you have to say and respects that making joint decision is important.

This shows that he is building his life decision around you meaning that he sees a long future with you.

I tell my woman everything, my plans and my target. I ask her for advice too.

His Things Are Your Things

A sure sign that your guy wants to marry you is that he shares his things with you.

If your man is a bit possessive over his things and can’t see that what is his is yours doesn’t mean that he will never marry you, the relationship may still be too early. If however he is open about sharing his car, his home or his money then it is a clear sign that the relationship is heading towards marriage.

He Doesn’t Run Away During Difficult Times

Everyone goes through a difficult time at some point in their lives and if you go through one while with your man and he stays right by your side, it is a good sign that he wants to be the man at your side on your wedding day.

When we go through difficult times, the worst side of us usually comes to light and so if your man stays with you even at your worst, he is definitely a keeper for life.

He Told You He Wants To Marry You

So I might as well state the obvious sign that he wants to marry you he has told you so! I know a friend who isn’t actually yet married but she has told me that her man has asked what ring size she is and has even told her that he will marry her one day.

They have since bought a lovely home in Akwa Ibom State together so I’m expecting a save the date card in the post very soon. Even if your man jokingly say something about getting married, it still means that he is comfortable enough to mention the idea and so making it real really isn’t that far off.

If it does come up in casual conversation or he does joke about it, don’t get over excited so you look almost desperate just casually joke back and make it obvious that if he ever does accept, you will accept.

He Uses Words Like “When” Not “If”

Your guy may have spoken about getting married before but he said things like “if we ever got married” but with time the “if’s” may change to “when’s” such as “when we get married”.

This is one of the most clear signs that he is thinking if not already planning about how he is going to pop the big question.

Changing from “if” to “when” could mean he could be asking to marry him very soon, maybe even today or tomorrow unless he has said he wants to save for something. If he says something like that then you know to expect the question maybe in a year or so once he is financially ready.

Joint Bank Account

If your man suggests you open a joint bank account or if you suggest it and he agrees then you know the relationship is stable. Sharing finances is a massive step in the right direction.

The joint bank account could be for anything such as buying a new car together, buying a home together or for the bills.

Any of these reasons show that your man is ready for more and ready to take your relationship to the next level. He wouldn’t share his finances or commit to buying a car or house together if he wasn’t ready to commit to a life-long relationship.

You only have to look at married couple as evidence as most married couple share their finances and have joint bank accounts.

No Jealousy

There is always a touch of jealousy at the start of a relationship when both man and woman are figuring each other out. As time goes on however, your man will come to trust you whole heartedly and would never even think that you would cheat on him.

Jealousy can put a lot of stress on relationships and without it; relationships can flourish and grow into a marriage.

Your partner will confident that you love him and men love those who are loyal. It surprises me how many women use jealousy as a ploy to make their man commit but this will never lead to your man popping the question… it may lead him to walk away.

Your Interests Matter To Him

My woman love making videos for fun so i enjoy taking her a shot and helping her make those videos, it makes her happy. If your man is interested in what your interests are then that is a good sign that he cares deeply for you.

If he takes the time to find out what your favorite food is, which movies are your favorite or what your hobbies are then it is a clear sign that he wants to know everything there is to know about you.

A man who is ready to commit to marriage is confident in sharing interests and listening to your thoughts and opinions.

He Wants To Meet The Kids

If you have already have kids from a previous relationship then you how much of a big deal it is bringing a new man into your life. You don’t to bring someone in unless they are going to stick around so as to not confuse the little ones.

So when your man has specifically said that he would love to meet your kids, it is like music to your ears.

It is no secret that men can be a little scared of kids and so you know he is taking the relationship seriously if he is asking to meet those who you love the most in the world.

He Already Acts Like Your Husband

Marriage can be a formality and you may already have your husband but just not officially. He is already acting like your husband if he confides in you, asks for your advice and opinions on important decisions, supports you during difficult times, and expresses his love and commitment to you.

If he is already doing all of this then he might as well make it official and get walking down that aisle. Make sure he knows that he is already acing like your husband so you might as well make it official.

He may be worried in case it changes the dynamic of the relationship or he can’t see the point if you already live like a married couple but you can reassure him how much marriage means to you and how much you want to spend the rest of your life with him.

He Can’t Get Enough Of You

If your man simply can’t get enough of you then there should be no doubt in your mind that he is well and truly into you. Does he love spending time with you?

Does he enjoy spending Saturday nights with you rather than friends? If so, chances are he is completely in love with you and may be thinking about taking the relationship to the next step.

If you’ve been together for a while and he can’t get enough of you then he will at least be thinking about asking you to marry him… even if he hasn’t mentioned it.

Waiting For Him To Pop The Question…?

So there you have it… 34 signs he wants to marry you. If you notice that any of these signs are true then all you have to do now is wait for him to pop the question.

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How Do You Know If A Guy Is Serious About Marrying You?

If a guy is into you and sees you in his future, he’ll include you in his plans, often talking more like a union than an individual. He’ll also involve you in his activities, such as attending occasions or visiting family. He’ll have no issue with both of you living together, and will have eyes for just you.

How Long Does It Take A Man To Know He Wants To Marry You?

Typically, a man will be certain about his decision six months into his relationship with a woman. It takes a person up to 172 days to decide if their partner is potential marriage material, and this is usually done via communication and spending quality time together.

How Does A Guy Know He Wants To Marry You?

Once a guy begins to share things with you, it’s a sure sign that he wants to marry you. If he’s open to sharing his home, car, and money with you, it’s clear he sees you in his future and is walking towards marriage.

How Long Should You Wait For A Marriage Proposal?

If your conversations haven’t tilted towards marriage, maybe it’s not an ideal time to bring the subject up. Ideally, one should wait until both parties know each other well enough before considering a proposal. Dating for two years or more is ideal for this.

How Do You Tell If He Will Never Marry You?

When a guy doesn’t consider you marriage material, chances are he never will. He’ll try as much as possible to keep you at a distance or shut you out completely.

 He’ll avoid having you meet his friends and family, and also pass comments such as he doesn’t believe in marriages and commitments.

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