21 Sweet Ways to Prove to Your Girlfriend that You Love Her

21 Sweet Ways to Prove to Your Girlfriend that You Love Her

If you are in a relationship with the girl of your dreams, do not take her for granted. Do everything you can to be the best man for her. If for you she is the best, then be the best for her too.

Here are 21 Sweet Ways to Prove to Your Girlfriend that You Love Her. Hopefully, these help you give her the love she deserves.

1. Be There For Her Whenever She Needs Help.

You are your girlfriend’s knight in shining armor. Therefore, always be available for her in times of crisis. For instance, be willing to set aside what you are doing if she is sick or someone in her family is ill, and she is in a panic about what to do.

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2. Greet Her In The Morning And Check On Her At Night.

Girls love it when their boyfriends are sweet and thoughtful. Therefore, see that you greet her upon waking up and do not forget to say “good night” before she closes her eyes. Failing to do so would make her think that you have forgotten about her already.

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3. Surprise Her With Simple Gifts.

Do not wait for your anniversary or other special occasions to surprise her with presents. As mentioned above, girls like thoughtful guys. Therefore, even on ordinary days, bring the simple gifts that will make her feel special. They do not have to be expensive, though.

4. Write Her Love Letters.

Bring your girlfriend to cloud nine by sending her handwritten love letters. Instead of posting long sweet messages (LSM) on social media on special occasions, why not hand her your heartfelt letters? Express how grateful you are for having her, and do not forget to enumerate what you like about her.

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5. Serenade Her.

Another sweet way to make your girlfriend feel special is by serenading her with your favorite love songs. You can play the guitar or any instrument you know while sincerely singing those songs.

6. Drive Her Home On Time.

If you have a car and your girl does not have one, make an effort to take her home from work or school. Knowing that she has many things to do or still lives with her parents, avoid bringing her home late.

7. Make An Effort To Win Her Family’s Trust.

In connection to no. 6, making your girlfriend’s family trust you should be one of your goals if you truly love her. It may not be easy, but if you persistently show them that you treat her with respect and take good care of her, they will eventually trust you. Learn how to build trust HERE

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8. Be A Gentleman To Her.

Even if you have been together for years, do not stop being a gentleman to your girl. Treat her like you are still on the getting-to-know, dating, or courting stage.

9. Do Not Be Harsh On Her.

Ladies deserve to be treated with respect. Therefore, avoid using harsh words on her, even when you are angry. Also, make sure to never raise your voice on her. Talk to her gently and calmly.

10.Respect The Boundaries She Sets.

Your girlfriend has her own set of principles and values. You may not agree with them, but you have to respect her limitations in your relationship.

11. Do Not Force Her To Do Things She Does Not Like.

In connection to no. 10, avoid forcing your girlfriend to do things against her will. For instance, do not use guilt-trip to force her into being physically intimate with you if you know that she values sexual purity before marriage.

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12. Introduce Her To Your Family.

Another way to prove to your girlfriend that you truly love her is by introducing her to your family. The gesture will make your girlfriend feel secure in your relationship, knowing that you will not introduce her to your parents, siblings, or relatives if you are not serious with her.

13. Introduce Her To Your Friends.

Introducing your girlfriend to your friends is also another proof that you love her. It means that you are proud of her, and you want them to accept her into your friendship circle.

14. Be Honest And Transparent With Her.

Honesty and transparency are essential qualities in a relationship. If you want your girlfriend to be at peace and secure in your relationship, help her trust you entirely by being open to her about everything. It includes never lying to her.

15. Do Not Demand Her To Change The Way She Is.

If you love your girlfriend, you should accept her for who she is. Do not demand her to be slimmer or more outgoing. Avoid comparing her to other women and asking her to follow their fashion style.

16. Do Not Hide Her.

Being proud of your girlfriend is one of the signs that you love her. Therefore, do not hide her from the public, including your workmates, friends, and family. Also, even if you want your relationship to be private, it would not hurt to post about her on social media sometimes–just enough to let all your friends and followers know about your relationship.

17. Do Not Flirt With Other Girls.

If you truly love your girlfriend, you will choose to be faithful to her. You will avoid actions that can cause her pain, insecurity, and jealousy. Whether in person or on social media, flirting with others may seem harmless to you, but it is to your girlfriend.

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18. Encourage Her To Pursue Her Dreams.

Another way to show your affection to your girl is by being her no. 1 supporter. Be by her side as she strives to pursue her dreams. Make her feel that you believe that she can do it.

19. Change For The Better For Her. 

Yes, your girlfriend should indeed love you for who you are. However, if you love her, you must be aware of your traits or habits making her upset. For instance, be willing to let go of your vices, such as smoking or mobile game addiction. Or if you have been living a happy-go-lucky life all your life, strive to be more responsible now.

20. Be A Motivator, Not A Distraction To Her. 

Both of you may be so in love with each other, but it will be unhealthy if you make your world revolve around your relationship. As a good boyfriend, be in control of the time you are together. Know when to cut your night calls so your girlfriend can have enough sleep or study her lessons. Also, be willing to sacrifice dates if you know that she is busy with school or office stuff.

21. Lead Her Closer To God. 

The best thing you can do for your girlfriend is to help her grow in her relationship with God. Be a spiritual leader to her. Make it a goal to attend church together. You should also suggest having regular prayer time as a couple. Then, initiate encouraging each other with God’s Word.

Love Yourself Too

Having the desire to be the best boyfriend for your special girl is an admirable thing. However, the first step to achieve that is to love yourself first. Make sure that you also give time to yourself and take care of your own needs. Once you know how to love yourself, you can love others the right way too.

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