How to mend a broken heart after a breakup

How to mend a broken heart after a breakup

Solid ways on How to mend a broken heart after a breakup

As more scientists confirm the biological basis of love, there may eventually be a treatment for heartbreak. In the meantime, psychotherapist Athena Staik shares three important tips to make it feel a little better.

Understand the past

Take an honest look at what you just went through. “Recall your emotions and thoughts during the romance — from its early stages to when things began to get rough, to when it ended,” Staik recommends. “Think of other past relationships and look for patterns.”

Prepare a self-care action plan

While it’s tempting to lie around in sweats for days on end (we’ve been there) and stock your fridge full of ice cream and pizza, taking good care of yourself now will save you from more struggle later.

“Lift yourself up emotionally, mentally, and physically,” Staik says. “Exercise. Eat super healthfully. Cut out sweets and alcohol as much as possible.”


When we’re used to being around someone 24/7, it can be quite a shock to our system when they’re no longer around. “Practice deep breathing, yoga, and meditation,” says Staik. “Connect with people you trust.”

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