phases of man


1. Morning time of a man: 0 – 25 years

2. Afternoon time of a man: 25 – 50years

3. Evening time of a man: 50 – 80 years.

We can group the period and time of man in life into these three segments.

I need you to know that each of these seasons and period of our lives has its importance and peculiarities.

Types of people you must have in your life to succeed.


This is an essential and critical period of one’s life that must not be toyed or joked with. It is what you do at this first stage of your life that determines the success of the next stage. Failure at this stage may negatively affect the second stage and vice versa.

At this stage:

It’s essential you go to school here and pick a meaningful career for yourself.

You should have discovered a meaningful purpose for yourself and start working on how to fulfill it. Remember your purpose is your assignment here on Earth.

And it’s important we take our time to sit and truly plan and prepare for the task ahead of us.

Note: It’s crucial we don’t joke with this period of our lives, as it’s a major foundation to any great thing we are going to become in life.

The earlier time a man discovers the reasons for his living, the earlier he works diligently to fulfill them.

Mistakes you are making at a young age


It has been stated by someone that “the life of a man is in phases.” This second phase of life is the continuation of the first one. It is the most active part of one’s life.

Note: Some of the mistakes we made at the first stage(0 – 25 years) may still be corrected if discovered and solved early.

Diligence, commitment and dedication to life, vision and Purpose are major ingredients for greatness at this stage.

You cannot afford to be a fool here because fool at this stage may be a fool forever.

At this stage:

Purpose would have been developed and fulfilling it Should have begun.

Decisions you will regret all your life if not avoided

You should have married here with a great, glorious and godly marriage. You will enjoy it if you adequately prepare for it.

One of the critical assignments for you here is parenting. That means raising godly, excellent and amazing children for yourself and the society. Part of what should be your vision in life is to raise such children as you will be appreciated for it later.

Though we (you and I) might not enjoy or have godly, good and enjoy upbringing or parenting from our parents, but let’s plan now that our kids will have everything we didn’t enjoy.

We must also have begun a meaningful career, creating profitable incomes for ourselves here. The course you studied, the skill acquired and all you have learnt should have been giving you great income here.

Note: You have not at this period gotten to the stage of retirement or complete rest but what you do here determines the rest of the future.

Please note, don’t rely on just one source of income here. Our society no longer allows this. Endeavor to have different skills/jobs giving you income.

We must also know and understand that there are some jobs and skills that are no longer relevant to this generation. Learn and develop skills that are both relevant now and later. Even there are some of our courses in the university that later may not be needed again as a result of time and season.

For it to be fully well with us at this stage and time of life, what you do at the first stage matters.


At the stage we are fully entering into full rest of life. It is here we need to sit down and cease from all labour and stress of life.

This is a stage dedicated to full harvest of all our commitment, dedication and contribution to work, career, family, society, etc.

Your effort and commitment to your journey and purpose determine what comes to you at this stage.

Here the children you have carefully cared for and trained, the lives you have blessed and those in whose lives you have made significant impacts will start coming to serve you in return.

Remember, what you do not sow, you cannot reap. For you to be able to reap peace, good health and complete fulfilment later, you need to start sowing something meaningful now.

It is possible for you to start planning your life and journey now. Where will you be in the next 10, 20 and 30 years?

Will you still be in charge of your life when you are 50 years and above or someone somewhere will still be your master.

How many lives would you have positively impacted and helped to also Fulfil their own purpose?

Remember, it is the Future you don’t actively create that will meet you by surprise. If you are 25 years now, in the next 30 years you should know what age you would be.

So let’s sit and plan for better career, marriage, great parenting of our children, finance, intimate relationship with God etc. It’s essential you now start planning. Write those visions and mission of your life down and start working on their on achievement

As I conclude, the night is coming when no one will be able to work again. That means this is our time to work and plan. Make good, effective and creative use of your present time now and expect a greater, peaceful and restful future.

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