Things you shouldn’t allow people do to you.

9 things you shouldn't allow people do to you.

1) Feel ashamed of yourself:

You shouldn’t allow anybody to make you feel bad about yourself. You are unique in your own way. Just because your life didn’t turn out the way they wanted doesn’t mean that you won’t be successful.

2) Mock you with things you can’t change:

Having big stomach is okay, diastema is fine,big boobs are okay, stretch marks isn’t from hell,you aren’t gifted with school activities,you can deal with that. You can’t speak good English and so what. You can learn. You shouldn’t feel bad about these things instead correct those that mocks people whose life aren’t perfect.

3) Your mistakes:

If anybody makes attempt to make jest of you because you made a mistake. You tell them that ” it’s better to make mistakes than not making attempt”. Some mistakes can sometimes be your stepping stone to success.

4) Doing good:

You shouldn’t allow anybody to discourage you from doing good. What goes around will surely come around. If you should keep doing good. You are surely going to reap it sooner or later.

5) Taking advantage of you:

You shouldn’t give anybody the opportunity to take you for granted. Everybody is unique in their own way. You being quiet or gentle shouldn’t give anybody the opportunity to maltreat you.

6) Discourage you:

Keep on doing whatsoever good you are doing and keep striving on it. It will surely yield success in you put in your best into it. You should not give up simply because of what someone said.

7) Deceive you:

Deciet breaks the inner you. You don’t just believe anybody. When you start giving people the impression that you are gullible,you will surely be deceived. Don’t trust anybody. Not everyone that smiles or talk to you really loves you. Don’t be deceived by looks.

8) Convince you to take unnecessary risks:

I wanted to say risks initially. But life itself is all about risks. But because life is a risk. You shouldn’t allow anyone to convince you to take unnecessary risks. If you are going to risk anything. Let it be your decision and think about it carefully.

9) Feel bad about your past.

Simply because someone knows about your past doesn’t mean that they have the opportunity to maltreat/control you. You have to let them realise that the past is not the present. Concentrate on the present and forget about the past.

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